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Charles D. Rice, M.D.

Plastic and Reconstructive
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Dr. Rice received his undergraduate degree from Northeast Louisiana University. He earned his medical degree from Louisiana State University Medical Center, New Orleans. Dr. Rice performed his ophthalmology residency at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and completed his oculoplastics fellowship under Dr. Robert Kersten at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Rice is a member of The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. His medical interests include aesthetic medicine, laser treatments for skin rejuvenation, and treatment of dry eye disease. He has served on Project Orbis, a converted DC-10 airliner, that flies to countries teaching local ophthalmologists surgical techniques. His trips have included Peru, Dominican Republic, and Croatia. Dr. Rice and his wife have four children and two grandchildren and he enjoys spending time with family, walking, cross country snow skiing, cycling, and the study of WWI and WWII.



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This was a "fit in" appointment and Dr. Rice went above and beyond what I expected.


Dr Rice did an excellent job with my ptosis repair.


Doctor Rice was able to see me quickly for an emergency situation. Good job!


Dr. Rice and his staff are excellent. I was told of each step. They were ready when I walked in. This is the second time I have been to Dr Rice and would not hesitate to return if it became necessary.


I was very impressed with Dr Rice and his manner with my laser surgery. I will definately be seeing him again, for the other eye and may speak to him of lasik surgery


Very professional and he was also very timely


Every one at L O Eyecare was very friendly and cooperative and checking in and out was very easy and swift.


Every one at L O Eyecare was very friendly and cooperative and checking in and out was very easy and swift.


Dr. Rice is very attentive to the needs of his patients. I feel very blessed to have him as one of my doctors.


Well satisfied with Dr.Rice. Have much confidence in him as a physician.


Dr. Rice previously did a procedure in Jan 2011. results were very good. Still holding up well. My visit today was another issue requiring minor laser surgery as an outpatient. I'm quite comfortable with Dr. Rice.


It is nice to find a physician who looks you in the face while speaking to you. Most simply look at a computer screen. I was also impressed when Dr. Rice himself, called me the night after surgery to see how I was doing. That almost never happens.


I was nervous and he put me at ease. He explained what he was doing and I felt much better.


A very positive medical experience. Highly recommend Dr Rice.


The only negative to my appointment was that they were running about 45 minutes.


Dr. Rice is the very best. I am fortunate to have him as my physician.


I felt like I was in good hands and received fast courteous service from all staff


Really liked that he called me the evening after the surgery and then his nurse called me the following morning to check up on me!


Dr Rice is friendly and helpful. However running thru the many assistants before seeing him seems excessive. I sat and waited while one tech (I saw 3) typed all the info on my health form into the computer. Why did I need to be there to watch her do that?


Excellent in every way!


Dr. Rice has taken the time to hear all my concerns and answer all my questions and never makes me feel rushed or like an inconvenience. I really feel like he goes out of his way, even calling me the evening after my surgery to see how I was doing and addressing my concerns regarding my surgery on the weekend. He continues to work with me to achieve relief for my particular eye health issues. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Very good service


Very pleased with his work.


Dr. Rice was always very professional and answered all my questions.


Dr. Rice is patient, kind and explains process perfectly. You never feel rushed or ignored.


Dr Rice is an awesome doctor. I would definitely recommend him to others.


The entire staff was very friendly and helpful. A very pleasant experience.


Dr. Rice was completely open to suggestions and any problems I was concerned about. I was very comfortable having the proceed done at the clinic.


I have been very impressed with Dr. Rice, he proved to be both professional and extremely caring about myself before and after my surgery. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.


This was my first appointment with Dr. Rice. I have not have my procedure done yet, but I feel confident that he knows exactly what he is doing:)


Everything was positive except for the wait time. I was at the office for an hour before I even saw the doctor, which I find to be unacceptable.


Dr Rice is open and helpful when making decisions that will affect my eye healthcare. I have total confidence in his skill set and appreciate his time and commitment to his practice


The doctor and his staff made me feel at ease. They showed concern for me. Highly recommend them.


I was very pleased with my visit with Dr. Rice and am comfortable with the possibility of him doing my surgery, pending insurance approval.


Dr. Rice has my full confidence in his knowledge and skills regarding my eyecare needs. He is thoughtful and provides honest recommendations. I appreciate his expertise.


I recommend him all the time to people , he is a wonderful eye Dr, , he listens when you talk and answers all your questions


I waited for an hour to be seen. The worst part was I was waiting in the room to be seen and all I can hear is a male voice and women in the hallway with laughter talking about the males having a dna test done and getting the results back. Saying he is not this but is this and that and that maybe his heritage and on and on. I was like that can’t be the doctor and staff out there it has to be just random people taking. So I opened the door to peek. There was a doctor and the 2 workers one being the nurse that showed me to the room and was apologizing for the delay as she told me to have a seat. Honestly, it seems like they didn’t care that I had been waiting for ever.


Dr. Rice was a caring doctor. Everything ran smoothly and he was willing to answer questions.


Dr. Rice and his staff are wonderful. I see Dr. Rice for a cosmetic procedure and I am confident in his abilities and that he won't recommend or give me anything more than I need. I always recommend him to people who may be interested in the same type of treatment.


Dr. Rice was great during my little ones visit!


I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my care.


Had a great experience with dr rice and staff.they were all very nice and professional.


First he said I would return for a follow up appt and then when I mentioned it at the end of the appt, he didn't remember saying that. He said I didn't need to return.


Dr. Rice is a fabulous doctor. I have nothing but positive things to say about him. Thank you.


He’s the best. Glad to be back. Glad he is once again providing the services I use.


Dr. Rice and the staff at the surgical center were just wonderful. Very caring and explained everything well.


Dr. Rice took time from his regular schedule to see me after hours on short notice due to a pressing eye problem. Highest level of care.


Dr. Rice is just the way a doctor should be. He is very calming and inspires confidence in his ability to handle your medical issue. Thank you, Dr. Rice.


I have been a patient of Dr. Rice’s for many years, as well as my daughter. Dr. Rice has exceptional skills and a pleasant chair side manner. He has performed many procedures over the years and have to say “I am happy with how I look. Not to overdone but very natural. Dr. Rice is honest and will discuss why a certain procedure may not be the best option at that time. I respect Dr. Rice and L.O. Eye Care. My husband recently had cataract surgery there and I will be having right eye cataract surgery after the holidays. Therefore without my long history with Dr. Rice these procedures might not have been performed at. L.O Eye. Care In closing, success for a long and prosperous future...


Love the knowledge and care of Dr. Rice. I will definitely return and recommend! Awesome doctor who really cares and takes his time, most importantly knows what he is doing!


Dr. Rice and his team are so amazing. very happy with everything he does.


pleasant and instructive


Excellent. Professional, courteous and very competent.


Dr Rice is an excellent doctor and I feel very confident that if I need more eye surgery that he is qualified to do that he would be the doctor I see and would refer family and friends to him


I am very pleased with the services Dr. Rice has provided. I've found him to be personable, knowledgeable and sincere in his administration of care. I had another condition that was found to be unrelated to post-op surgery, Dr. Rice referred me to an off-site, very kind and competent Physician who is currently treating me.


He’s probably the friendliest doctor I have.


Dr. Rice is a doctor I trust completely. He is patient and kind and very skilled in his field. I always enjoy my visits with him and appreciate his expertise.


Dr.Rice is an amazing dr. Took great care of my son. I will highly recommend him to other people


I called the office with eye pain and redness. I was seen the same day by Dr. Rice, diagnosed, given a treatment plan and follow up appointment the next week. I would highly recommend this office and Dr. Rice.


Dr. Rice spent time explaining the procedure and healing time so we knew what to expect. He was friendly and very personable.


Dr. Rice is very personable and clearly communicates what to expect from treatments. If a situation arises that is outside of his expertise he will readily refer you to a Specialist.


I am very comfortable with Dr. Rice. He seems to have excellent knowledge and a caring attitude.


Dr. Rice and his assistant, Amanda, are outstanding in every way. I was very hapoy with the care I received.


Very pleased with my care!


Dr. Rice will be the 2nd physician performing this procedure. I have full confidence in Dr. Rice's ability to successfully perform this procedure and this time around the procedure will work.


He was very honest and straightforward with me.


He did such a good job with our first daughter (10 year old), that when our second (7 year old) needed a referral, we chose Dr. Rice! Thank you.


pleased with all aspects of my care, including office staff.


He was very kind, caring, thorough, and I felt confident in his knowledge and ability.


I had a stye removed.It looks like I never had one I was so happy with the results


Dr. Rice was able to accommodate my schedule and immediately was able to get me in within a few days of my initial visit. He and his team were very kind and thorough.


Dr Rice is trust worthy, kind, and talented. I have utilized his services for both cosmetic and eye health care. You are in the most competent hands for both. Highly recommend Dr. Rice.


Dr. Rice made me feel at ease about his proposed surgery for my eyelids. Am looking forward to being able to see without having to raise my eyebrows!


Very pleased with Dr. Rice, first time visit.


Very personable. I am having surgery on (a later date) so I will have a lot more to comment on after the procedure.


Dr Rice listened completely, evidently, since he hit the target in diagnosing and giving me a good plan. My dry eyes have not felt this good since 1992. He prescribed me two, combination of two, prescriptions. The first few days were kind of rocky but little by little my eyes improved and people can notice, even see, that my eyes are not red anymore and for me, they don't hurt like they have for years. Thank you, Dr Rice for taking time to understand my issues and to make a plan for me. I appreciate it.


I am very happy with my appointment with Dr. Rice!


I found Dr. Rice easy to understand, willing to take the time with the patient, and very competent.


Very professional and good communication skills


Very satisfied patient


Dr Rice is a true professional. I have known him for over 15 years. I have referred people to him. In fact I am scheduled to see him this week! He has a great knowledge in his field of work. I find him very honest ....he will tell you if you really need a procedure. He has a really nice personality. AND integrity means a lot to me... Dr Rice fits the bill.


I felt very comfortable with Dr. Rice. I previously had a procedure done, unfortunately the 1st surgery was unsuccessful. I have full confidence that my 2nd surgery to be performed by Dr. Rice will be a success.


Dr. rice performed blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery for medical reasons as my vision was impaired. I had this surgery done on the same eye 3 years ago by a different practice and a different physician - that was a terrible experience with many complications and poor results. So I can compare good and bad - and Dr. Rice did an excellent job in both his interactions, communications, and skill. Yes, I would highly recommend him.


Great experience and great results.


Very knowledgeable. Had issues with his orders during eyelid surgery a couple of weeks ago. Had to talk to 4 people to get it clear. Finally corrected.


Dr. Rice was very professional, and took the time to explain everything to me very clearly.


I feel like my eye issues were treated with a "band aid" approach rather than finding the root cause. I have spent a lot of money on steroids and office visits just to have the issue return.


Dr. Rice and Amanda Smith were great with my eye experience last week.


Very welcoming, felt they were thorough.


Dr Rice is professional and courteous. I feel very confident in the physician.


Awesome demeanor and caring for the patient!! His skill is clearly apparent!!


Dr. Rice listened and answered all my questions and concerns.


Professional, well skilled.


Great experience looking forward to working with Dr. Rice to correct my sagging eyelids.


never felt rushed which at my age is a pleasure!


good dr. with people skills.


Dr. Rice & staff were very friendly & professional.


Great Doctor and staff.


Friendly and courteous. Dr. Rice has a calming influence. Very laid back.


Excellent staff, professional and comforting


Very nice flow through your office. The MD was very nice and thorough.


Dr. Rice is very personable yet professional, and takes the time to answer all my questions.


Dr. Rice & his nurse were friendly & very informative.


Dr. Rice corrected my eyelid problem of ptosis so much better than I thought possible. One eyelid was more droopy than the other and yet he made them match very well. He has expert technique and is a caring doctor as well.


Very kind and courteous. Explained every issue I had and was so helpful with other options as to my care.


Dr.rice and his team of professionals were very excellent. They took great care of me and my family


Kind, Friendly, Personable


I did not have a great experience with the last doctor I saw at Lansing Ophthalmology so was hesitant to come back, but I'm so glad I did because Dr. Rice was FANTASTIC. He listened, he was kind, and he was very understanding even when I got squeamish and needed to pause for a minute.


I thought Dr. Rice was very friendly and took enough time to explain my what was the matter with my eyes. I was very satisfied with him and also with his nurse.


Kind and professional


Dr. Rice is a kind and compassionate person. I'm so glad I found him when I was looking for an Ophthalmologist! I have recommended him to my friends!!


Very happy with dr rice n staff


very professional, very thoughtful approach to patient care, well versed in his field of expertise.


very impressed with Dr Rice and the staff.


I sincerely believe that Dr. Rice is outstanding at his work. I have complete faith in him.


I love both Dr. Rice and Amanda. They should get a BRAVO award for the care the give to the patients that come there. Keep up the great job Amanda and Dr. Rice. I will recommend my closest friends and family to you because you know what true patient care is about.


Very nice im so glad i meet him n staff to do my surgery, all very nice, polite explained everything thank u


I saw Dr. Rice as an emergency as I was travelling from out of town. I came to him in A LOT of pain and looking for relief..I left in the same condition with nothing but a huge bill and a suggestion to take a pain pill.


Dr. Rice is friendly, professional and delivers a great service. Services are pain free; it if starts to hurt a bit, he stops and numbs you more. Very easygoing and gentle.


Dr. Rice listened and explained well, was thorough and friendly. Easy to talk to. Excellent experience.


Dr. Rice listened and explained well, was thorough and friendly. Easy to talk to. Excellent experience.


Dr. Rice is a great doctor. I first had eye surgery by him in 1999 and I was pleased with my experience. I trust him with my eyes and sight.


Dr Rice was calm, reassuring and able to put me at ease with the explanation of the problem and solution. The choice was mine regarding the surgery- there was no expectation to tell him right then if I wanted it. The benefits were explained to me and the results of the tests that I had were shown to me and explained. His bedside manner was beyond reproach and so appreciated. I feel so fortunate to have had the appointment with him and am going to follow through with the surgery.


I would highly recommend Dr. Rice to anybody.


Dr. Rice impressed me with his attention to my concerns and readiness to address them with good solid information and options for problem solving. He includes me in the decision making. Also, it gives me confidence that he and his staff are clearly in close communication.


I was not completely satisfied with my results and Dr. Rice is addressing those concerns. I appreciate this so much.


He's wonderful!


Dr. Rice and his assistant, Amanda, inspire confidence with their professional demeanor, openness to questions and thorough knowledge. I would highly recommend them.


Very thorough, professional, good listening skills and very good explanations when questions are asked.


Dr. Rice answered all of my concerns!


Very gifted!


Excellent, very thorough and very helpful and very kind.


So thankful that I was able to have the surgery . Everyone was wonderful. Dr. Rice is the best. Very happy with my surgery


Very professional - talented and caring Doctor. I was very impressed.


Dr. Rice has a nice manner with his patients..calm and patient with all questions.


I have met Dr. Rice and his staff twice and will undergo surgery. I have complete confidence in them.


Dr. Rice examined my eyes, determined the cause of my problem and treated it. This resolved the problem. His approach was friendly and professional. I am very pleased with the interaction I had with him.


Dr. Rice is very kind. He took time to explain treatment options, as well as thoroughly explaining my course of action.


Excellent doctor, good communicator, good listener, very organized. Would highly recommend him!


Dr Rice is great. Very professional and skilled.


Dr. Rice is my choice for an eye Doctor. He is attentive, kind, and very patient with concerns and/or questions. I would highly recommend him to family and friends and I am very pleased with his services. His staff is friendly and very efficient too. Thank you Dr. Rice and staff!


Very good doctor...attentive, responsive and caring.


Dr. Rice and his staff are professional, respectful of my time and input, as well as personable and caring. My health plan is always a conversation about options, not an order, and through that, my trust in their recommendations for next steps has continued to grow.


My experience with Dr. Rice and his facility has been awesome! The office is efficient, well-run, personnel are extremely friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Rice and Lansing Ophthalmology.


Dr. Rice is a superb doctor-I had him do some surgery on my right eyelid and I was so satisfied, I made sure I came back to him when it was time for my left eyelid!


Dr. Rice and his assistants are very capable, inspiring confidence and also very personable. I had minor surgery performed. Everything was explained in detail, which allayed my concerns. The procedure went as described. No surprises. The outcome is positive and I am pleased with my decision to go ahead and with my well-placed trust in Dr. Rice.


Doctor Rice has a very calm, confident, and relaxing "bedside manner". I felt very at ease. I came away with a clear and concise idea of what can be done. Thank you!


Dr. Rice was extremely professional and I felt very comfortable with him performing my surgery. He took the time to listen and I felt be really cared about me as a patient.


a very good experience


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