James B. Doshi, M.D.

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James B. Doshi, M.D.

Cataract Surgery
Board Certified
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East Lansing - Coolidge Road
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Dr. Doshi earned both his undergraduate degree and his medical degree from the University of Michigan. He completed his ophthalmology residency at the University of Texas. Dr. Doshi enjoys music, traveling, astronomy, and skiing.

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The most thorough exam I've had in years.


going to LO Eyecare for six years. They are amazing. Very knowledgeable, courteous, and empathetic.


Dr. Budge is great! Very professional!


My son was seen for a medical clearance exam. The tech that helped us and began the exam was wonderful. She was kind, relayed her confidence, seemed very knowledgeable and friendly. We did not have the same experience with Dr. Budge. He seemed competent, however his demeanor was that of a person who had a task to accomplish. He was very "mechanical" and did not have a personality that we could relate to.


Absolutely satisfied with the services rendered to my daughter, right from the receptionist desk up to Dr Budge.


Friendly professional


I really appreciate Dr Budge taking the time to help me see distance range better with my new contact lenses!


He's always good


Dr Budge is always professional and friendly and my glasses always work well for me.


Been coming to him for years.


My visits to the L. O. Eye Care have been awesome through and through. I do personally appreciate the treatment received from all, right from the receptionist desk, to the nurse and finally Dr. Budge. They are doing a fantastic job.


Dr. Budge is very thorough and professional. I drive from Grand Rapids to see him and will continue to do so, because the level of the care is that good.


Budge Rocks! He's a superstar!


Very satisfied with Dr. Budge especially since I've been seeing him I moved to the area (1999 or 2000) and haven't changed doctors in that amount of time. Thank you!


I had to wait for 1 1/2 hours before seeing Budge. That is unacceptable to me. I plan to transfer to the Okemos office.


I had a wonderful experience at this office.


He gives thorough exams like we've never had elsewhere before. I always feel confident in his exams.


very thorough


Dr. Budge was great! There was no wait; I barely had a chance to get my phone out to scroll through Facebook before I was called back to the exam room. I never felt rushed during the exam and believe he really wanted to find a solution for the sudden issues I was having with my sight and contact lenses. As a contact lens wearer for 20+ years, these new frustrations were foreign to me and Dr. Budge really took his time making sure he understood what I was/was not seeing and feeling through the contacts in order to find the best solution. So far the solution he has found for me is working great and my sight is back to normal. Highly recommend!


Excellent doctor!


Very thorough!


Dr. Budge conducted the most relaxing and I have ever had. I would highly recommend him to everyone


I have been seeing Dr. Budge for years and he is an exceptional doctor. Very thorough!


Dr Budge is a very kind and caring Dr. He is also very thorough. I also like the atmosphere of his office. Staff is also nice


Had a great appointment with Dr. Budge as always.


He is quiet, but very thorough, knowledgeable, and pleasant.


I found Dr Doshi to be a caring provider who heard my concerns, answered my questions and explained my medical condition so that I understood it. Thank you, Dr. Doshi


Didn't seem sure as to if I should have cataract surgery or not.


I have already recommended Dr. Doshi to a friend of mine.


Horrible chair-side manner. Cold and distant. A smile would go a long way. The only reason I see him is because he is a good doctor. The entire practice has become an assembly line. Get rid of the kiosks and maintain some human contact.


I wasn’t very happy with the bed side manner of the doctor or his assistant. I find it important to smile and conversate with your patients.


I don't doubt that Dr. Doshi is a good ophthalmologist. However, he spent too much time looking at the computer. He did not give clear instructions on use of eyedrops; i.e. frequency and duration, etc. I don't feel comfortable seeing him again.


Dr Doshi LISTENED to my concerns; he treated me like the only patient he had; he communicated he cared about me.


Dr. Doshi, is simply wonderful as a physician. I cannot express the level of confidence that I have in Dr. Doschi skill set. I am truly grateful that I am a patient of his.


He was very kind and explained everything he was doing. Very light-handed when he was working on my eye which was greatly appreciated lol.


After having moved 1,000 miles from my Opthamologist of more than 30 years, I was delighted to be treated kindly and professionally by Dr Doshi and the LO Eye Care Team


Waiting time to see doctor even for a morning appointment was ridiculous, over 50 minutes! Dr. Doshi then seemed not to care too much about the diagnosis or how to fix the issue. Will use as a followup then move on.


It seemed that my problem did not fall into a more obvious diagnosis. As polite as Dr. Doshi was, I did not feel he was interested in investigating what might be my problem. He also did not seem to hear the extent to which my problem was affecting my overall health.


Very nice visit and everyone is very professional


Am always treated with respect and kindness.


He worked me into his schedule the say day. I was in need to see a doctor right away. Very kind and thoroughal doctor.


Doctor was very quiet. He did not explain much of anything. Said that I have cataracts but that everyone does. He stated that I have Macular Degeneration in both eyes and that was it. No thoughts on further treatment or eye care. Referred me to retina specialist whom I see tomorrow.


I was very scared going in - was total opposite on way out...


Dr. Doshi & Staff are always professional & courteous.


I am long term patient of Dr. Doshi, 10 plus years.


Dr. Doshi is very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. I also like to try and make him laugh at least once every visit!


Great & quick service


Very profesional and personable


Very nice Dr.


As usual, my comments regarding Dr. Doshi are so very positive. He did seem more relaxed and "friendly" this visit. Good for him.


I went in for pain in my eye. After having a great experience with the friendly lady who did my eye exam I was transferred to another doctor to see what’s going on with my eye. He hadn’t even looked in my eye before telling me that it’s just an irritation. Even after explaining that I can barely sleep because of the sharp pain and the migraine just in the side where my eye was red he than gave me eye drop and said it’s just an irritation. My eye since then still is red still I have migraine. It’s been 4 days on the eye drop still no change.


In my opinion, Dr. Doshi is the ideal physician! While we will be moving in a year or so to the Boston area, I will certainly try to continue with Dr. Doshi - returning to EL for appointments


I like Dr Doshi very much. I often find him difficult to hear as he is very soft-spoken.


Comes across as very confident.


I have full confidence in Dr. Doshi


Dr Doshi is a dedicated professional who takes great time & care with his patients. He's knowledgeable & educates his patients as to the medical aspects of their issues & treatment alternatives. I remain confident & thankful in the treatment he has provided me.


I believe he is a very good doctor. He let's me how I'm doing explains what needs to be talked about.


Dr.Doshi I trust my eyes with completely,wonderful caring man an Doctor,no doubts about this one....


Quiet man. Courteous. But this is the first time I have seen him. So hard to know how he is as a doctor.


Dr. Doshi made time for me because I was having pain in my right eye . He took care of it.


Dr. Doshi is very professional yet warm. There is a sense that he cares and that he will use all of his gifts and abilities to solve the eye challenges. I am doing 100% better after suffering with this malady for 45 days


I have full confidence.


Well qualified and good communication


Very pleasant and professional easy to talk too. Answered all my questions


Dr. Doshi is superb...very satisfied with my experience with him.


Dr. Doshi is courteous, efficient, kind and explained all I needed to know while at the appointment.


Courteous, Respectful, and Professional!!!


Contact with the doctor was very minimal. I only spoke to him for a few minutes.


This appointment was the first time I met Dr. Doshi as I came in on a Saturday for a swollen eye. He was pleasant, but not overly friendly. However, I will say it was very busy that day and he may have just been trying to be brief and stay on schedule. Not a bad experience, I am just used to Dr. Liu, who is very outgoing and friendly


The Dr. is friendly but seems quite shy, does not give much info unless questioned.


Always friendly and treats me with respect and answers all our questions.


Very pleased


I thought the physican was ok for as little of time as we had any contact. I continue to feel like a number with no person every making eye contact as they treat you as a thing to move from move or area to another. This has continued my past 3 times there.


It was a very informative session.


Dr Doshi is a real nice professional.


Satisfied and felt better after my appointment with him


It was an emergency matter to me and he saw me within three hours of my phone call


Always a good experience as far as process and courtesy by Dr. and staff. Dr. Doshi is direct and to the point which i like.


He seems very shy. Smile. However, I trust him fully.


Dr. Doshi is very thorough. He is kind and considerate. He recognized my problem and came up with a solution to alleviate the problem


Dr. Barnes is compassionate, patient and kind. He explained his findings thoroughly in a way that I was able to understand. His staff are much the same, and left me feeling that they cared about me as a person, not just income.


Everyone is amazing! Keep up the good work and excellent service!!


Dr. Doshi was excellent and responsive to my semi-urgent needs. I’m especially grateful for getting a same-day appointment within a couple hours of my call for an appointment!


He is not very personable, but seemed to do a through exam.


Always ready to answer any questions, always with a smile, and treated me with Respect!


He made me feel comfortable and more at ease with the future of my eyes.


Dr. Doshi measured my eye pressure then softly talked to his assistant to put information into my electronic file. After a couple of minutes of my waiting, he finally explained to me that my eye pressure was high and I should start on drops. Would rather that he talk with me first, then work with assistant to update file.


Dr. Doshi is a very thoughtful and caring about a patient’s welfare


I have been a patient of Dr. Doshi for several years and I am very satisfied with his treatment.


Dr. Doshi is reassuring while also giving instruction for what to do to help with the issue at hand. he is very clear about his expectations and instructions which I appreciate.


Dr. Doshi has been very helpful as we have dealt with this eye injury, and the results seem to be very positive. He and his staff have been very concerned about the outcome.


I feel completely safe in his care and I greatly appreciate his professionally manner. He gives the feeling that he has my best interests foremost.


Dr. Doshi is an asset to L.O.Eye Care and a professional. He is patience and an avid listener.


I appreciate Dr. Doshi's willingness to accommodate me to assess the discomfort I was having after cataract surgery


Very patient with my questions and does NOT talk down to me. He is polite and friendly.


I appreciate the fact that I see a single doctor who is monitoring my vision.


DR. DOSHI is an awesome doctor and is very good at his job.


Very thorough.


Certainly better than last year, he gave more information. I know he is an excellent Doctor and my procedure went very well. I'll be back to have my other eye taken care of by Dr. Doshi


Satisfied with Doctor and location


Excellent doctor-patient experience. Dr. Doshi always instills confidence in my being cared for by a knowledgeable, caring medical professional. His calming demeanor is just one aspect of this, but stands out whenever I see him. I also appreciate his asking if I have any issues, and explaining clearly and understandably the condition of my eyes, what he is looking for and what I might expect. It's always a pleasure to see Dr. Doshi (pun intended).


He is very professional, yet very personable and does not seem to rush me out of the examining room. I am very pleased with his services.


I personally think he is very nice and an excellent Dr. I would recommend him for sure.


Great experience


Dr Doshi provides a balance of professional skills and personal attention that can only result in both the respect and gratitude of his patients. He is a credit to the organization he so well represents.


I had the vague sense he was rushed and/or didn't take my concern seriously enough, even though the problem turned out to be minor.


Dr. Doshi was late. I made appointment early morning so I could get to work on time. I waited (for him-1st part of eye exam completed) for 40 minutes. I was late to work because of this incident.


Dr. Doshi is always very friendly and kind to me. He is gentle when doing my exams.


Your staff is always courtesy,makes me feel comfortable.


Very professional.


Dr Doshi spot on , staff before getting to the doc was tedious felt like a number!!!


Keep up the excellent work


Friendly and pleasant armosphere


Dr. Doshi is very knowledgeable however he speaks very softly and does not offer much information until the patient asks.


My experience for my cataract surgery was excellent.


Very professional and excellent care provided by the doctor and his staff.


I appreciate Dr. Doshsi's professional demeanor! And, I like the new Okemos location! It's so convenient.


Dr. Doshi was very receptive to my concerns. He took time to examine my eye, and I thought I received excellent care.


He has been my ophthalmologist for a dozen years and I have absolute trust in him


Most professional.


professional, soft-spoken, quick and efficient.


Prompt & efficient


excellent eye care, full trust in his opinion


kind of deadpan...not much of a sense of humor


Dr Doshi has been an excellent doctor & cared for my eyes & me for the last 16 years!


Great Eye Doctor. really like his thoroughness and planning. two thumbs up


My Cataract surgery went very will. The experience was very pleasant, considering the circumstance.


Dr. Doshi is excellent. His quiet demeanor always relaxes me and makes me feel safe. I recommend him to friends and family.


Professional, Courteous, Attentive


Dr. Doshi is superb!


Very calm


He is polite and seems well trained. He is careful to answer all my questions.


Dr. Doshi is excellent. He is quiet and charming. I always feel peaceful in his office. He quiet demeanor puts me at ease. I recommend him to everyone I know.


While the doctor gave me a diagnose he only provided a script for medication he offered me nothing for pain or topical. just said this is what it is,what to expect


Dr. Doshi and all the staff I encountered were efficient, professional and helpful. I will definitely continue to see him for my diabetic eye care.


Dr. Doshi was very nice, but he could not tell me what was wrong or how long it could last. So, although I know the health of my eyes looks good, I do not know what my symptoms are caused by. I am frustrated.


I find Dr. Doshi extremely professional and expedient in administering eye care.


professional and courteous.


Dr. Doshi is very kind and gentle. Also very soft spoken. I always tell whoever asks, that I recommend him very highly.


Dr. Doshi is the best doctor I've ever been with. Genuinely interested & concerned about you and your health.


Thorough, knowledgeable, professional


Great doctor


Excellent annual service


Great service didn't have wait


Dr. Doshi is always very professional and explains things very well.


Every one was helpful and friendly


Feel very confident with Dr Doshi.


I found Dr. Doshi to be a great doctor and his staff is very helpful and friendly


Dr. Doshi is a very methodical eye care professional. He makes sure that all procedures are followed in detail.


Dr Doshi's professional behavior is above and beyond expectations. I also have 100% confidence in his competence as an ophthalmologist.


Dr. Doshi was very kind and patient in listening to my litany of issues.


He's a very reserved person. He wasn't bad he just came in checked my eyes told his nurse something then said goodbye & said he'd see me in a year


I am satisfied with Dr. Doshi and will continue to follow-up with him as needed.


I like Dr. Doshi have no complaints.


Dr Doshi pays attention to your questions and answers with clarity.


Keep up the excellent work


Dr. listened to me but I'm not sure he was aware of my own eye glass prescription. Will know better on next visit.


I have had Dr. Doshi for many years and he has been a wonderful provider!!!


I like Dr. Doshi very well, which helps greatly as I do not like the eye exam I have to do.


Pleased with DR.


Dr. Doshi is an extremely talented physician and surgeon. I would most definitely recommend him to others!


Excellent manners and very calming way of talking.


skilled and professional. removed by cataracts also


I find dr Doshi very calm and professional. I feel very at ease during my visit.


Very impersonal eye care. It felt that his recommendation was a temporary fix. Didn't feel that my best interest was present. I expect the Doctor to explain his finding in the examination, he only gave his solution not to condition. Prefer not to continue with this Doctor, considering finding a different eye care center.


Dr. Doshi has great manners concerning his patients: He is tentative to their concerns and explains all diagnosis to the patient. He is proactive in preventing other symptoms. I think he is a very knowledgeable doctor with great concern their health.


Dr.Doshi is very considered and patience. He is an asset to his profession.


Very please with Dr. Doshi as I became his patient after the passing of my doctor I had had for years.


Dr. Doshi was respectful, polite, and timely with my appointment. The only thing that was lacking was personality. The appointment felt "scientific", and I'm not sure if I ever truly felt comfortable. Not that there was anything wrong. I still trusted his opinion and diagnosis. The appointment would have left a better impression if he would have had a more desirable bedside manner.


Dr. Doshi is the best doctor I've ever had in any area. He's very informative but mostly you never feel he's anxious to leave the room. He's always interested in your questions and always listens. I have the utmost confidence in him as a doctor and genuine person.


Competent, efficient friendly and respectful. Good Doctor.


I feel very confident in Dr. Doshi and the rest of the staff.


Another excellent visit.


Dr. Doshi and the staff at LO have once again provided excellent care.


I could not have been happier with the care given to me by Dr. Doshi and his team.


He knew what was up, I had to ask though to know myself. He's somewhat short but eventually you get the answer. I'll be seeing him again in a year. It's all good.


I had and always have had excellent patient care at your facility.


I can not add any more to the credibility of Doctor Doshi.


He has the stance of never prescribing antibiotics, even if it is the best course.


Dr. Doshi obviously knows what he's talking about but I didn't really like his bedside manner and would not choose to see him again.


Dr Doshi was very pleasant and explained exactly what was going on with my eyes.


This doctor is short on communication and acts like the patient is wasting his time. I have seen him twice now for dry eye problems and honestly, he could not be more unhelpful. From now on, I will wait to see my regular doctor.


All business. Which is ok with me.


This was a normal visit annually and I am satisfied with the Dr. care given as usual each year since going to Dr. Doshi. He recommended a follow up with a specialist which I have scheduled to do this month.


He continues to be my choice.


He is very good to work with


Dr. Doshi quickly made a diagnosis that appears to have been missed by others. He truly seemed concerned and laid out the facts regarding my condition - i prefer his direct style. My only wish is that he would provide more rationale regarding the condition and treatment options so i could better understand what is going on in my eye (but there may not be enough time since he seems to have a tight schedule). Overall, I appreciate his concern and directness and will recommend him to others.


I was in for a diabetes exam and that was nicely done, but he gave me a script for glasses and long range vision that left me wondering what he would have told me if I was in for a regular eye exam.




Loved the convenience of seeing him in the Sparrow Professional Building


Very Professional.


He was kind and polite but not as personable as other doctors I've experienced.


Doc Doshi is great. The staff is great.


As I have been doing for decades, I return every year to Lansing Ophthalmology. Dr. Doshi has all of my confidence and I value his evaluations


My mom's appointment with Dr. Doshi on Thursday, Dec. 10th was good. She commented to me about Dr. Doshi's disposition and demeanor, which she thought was very open and friendly.


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