Jeffrey J. Barnes, M.D.

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Jeffrey J. Barnes, M.D.

General Ophthalmology, Cataract Surgery
Board Certified
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Mt. Pleasant

Dr. Barnes earned his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University. He obtained his medical degree from Wayne State University and completed both his ophthalmology residency and an internal medicine internship at Sinai Hospital Detroit.  Dr. Barnes has served on the Isabella Bank Board of Directors since 2007 and on the Isabella Corporate Board of Directors since 2012.

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Dr is very good and manners are excellent. A nice DR and knowable.


I have total confidence in Dr. Barnes. He is friendly, efficient and don't think I could have a better qualified doctor.


Very nice and Friendly


Dr Barnes came into his office after hours to take care of my wife’s distress. Could not express our appreciation enough for his extra “after hours” service. Thank you Dr Barnes!


I'm glad I was able to continue with Dr. Barnes after Dr. Sullivan's retirement. He has taken good care of my sight and that of my wife's.


Dr. Barnes has been my doctor for 10 years and have never had and problems with him.


My husband had Dr. Barnes and we were both very happy with him and that is why I specifically asked for Dr. Barnes for my surgery.


Dr. Barnes seemed almost like my condition was below his expertise. He did interrupt me from time to time when I was trying to explain my condition. He sort of seemed like my condition wasn't important enough for him. He was very knowledgeable and I trust his advice but it certainly was not a friendly experience.


I Am very satisfied with Dr Barnes services


Having my eyes checked is such an ordeal to me and Dr. Barnes, when 1st he walks in the door, took away my anxiety and I became more relaxed. Awesome!


Fantastic care with Dr Barnes and staff.


He is just a super Dr. and person. Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.


He put my mind at ease, i thought I was losing my vision and come to find out a simple procedure will restore my eyesight. Thank you


The best


Always appreciate way of communicating with me. Treats me like a person not just another set of eyes.


Dr.Barnes is the best and his team works together like a well oiled watch. I would recommend him to anyone. things are definitely looking up.


Very good, able to communicate at personal level


Very competent.


I trust my eye care to Dr Barnes, he's been an awesome Dr.


Dr. Barnes is a fine, friendly, caring doctor, and I really like him, and believe he knows quite well what he's doing.


My experience with Dr. Barnes & his staff was excellent.


I do not feel I was communicated what the usual steps in my treatment.


The doctor was very through and everyone was very helpful. Liked the doctors manners.


He provided incorrect prescription and I was unable to read anything. If this is not his expertise, he should refer to someone. He needs to explain clearly not confuse himself from old prescription.


Very happy with Dr Barnes & staff. Excellent results


I can see clearly now because of the skills of Doctor Barnes.


A very nice experience. Friendly


Dr. Barnes does an excellent job of listening and communicating!


I can see again.


good doctor with a great sense of humor


Very great staff, wait time is very minimal, very professional. Thank you


Dr Barnes is an extremely knowledgeable,kind professional. He takes his time to throughly examine you & reviews his findings with you in concise terms that you can understand. He explains what the future examinations and tests that will be done . I highly recommend this skill physician.


The doctor was very rude and acted like he was hiding something that he wanted to say to me but wouldn't. I don't know what the problem was but he acted like I was annoying? Not my best experience


A friendly professional who makes certain the patient has all the information they need to make an informed decisions about embarking on cataract surgery. He is a medical doctor demanding the most of himself to do the best for his patient.


The entire staff at this facility is exceptional. Dr. Barnes was professional, courteous and informative. Was a pleasure working with these people. Gave my a complete sense of confidence. Thank you


Dr. Barnes is awesome!!!


he was friendly and professional. also he has a good since of humor.


Very thorough Dr


Dr Barnes and his staff are caring and efficient. They are quick to respond when called with s problem. I give them the highest recommendation.


Dr.Barnes is very nice and has a good personality he is easy to understand and makes you feel at ease when you are about to undergo a procedure that could leave you blind. I have no problem trusting him with my eyes.


I was very pleased with the procedure !


I felt it was a good and interesting experience


Dr. Barnes is a wonderful doctor. Would recommend him to anyone. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly.


I have complete confidence in Dr. Barnes. I was Dr. Sullivan's patient prior to his retirement and I was pleased to be transferred to Dr. Barnes' practice after that. No complaints -- just good experiences!


I think Dr Barnes is a good dr....he has changed since I first met him. I have a disability and wonder if maybe he just didn't know how to handle it..but


Dr. seemed to be in a hurry and didn’t give a chance to ask what if’s. The pre dr. process of tests with the techs was excellent, just wished we would have had the chance to ask a couple more questions and if we could continue our eye care through this office.


Have always admired Dr. Barnes. His professionalism is top of the line and his caring and knowledge of his profession is impeccable.


Wonderfully skilled doctor. Thank you.


I like Dr. Barnes. He was pretty cool, and extremely confident. He was very smooth. The only thing I'd have changed, is to have spent more time talking to him about everything. Although, I can tell he is a very busy dude with a lot of patients to see so I understand his brevity. He dialed me in with great efficiency, and I'm thankful for his help. Just would have been cool to learn more about the small details of everything. Like... the eye code talk and stuff he was communicating with the girl who writes down on the chart. Oh well, that's the life of a good doc I guess. See the patient, dial em in, and cruise onward! Haha great guy, and he knows what hes doing.


Dr. Barnes is very caring He is just wonderful!


I was referred to Dr. Barnes by my cardiologist and have the utmost trust in him. He performed cataract surgery on my father and it went better than expected. My family is very happy with what my dad can see now and even my dad’s communication has improved. Scheduled his other eye to have cataract surgery


Dr Barnes is a good dr. He is compassionate, caring and understanding.


excellent to work with


Dr.Barnes is very throw and concerned about his patients.


Very informative and Professional.


Dr. Barnes is very nice and took a lot of time to listen to my concerns.


I think Dr Barnes is a great doctor.


Dr. Barnes is professional in every way. He takes time to explain everything. He is also very personable and very easy to talk to.


This was my first time with Dr. Barnes and I really liked him. He was very forthcoming and honest. I'd recommend him and hope to see him again.


I went to see Dr. Barnes for what I thought would end up being something along the lines of an allergy. Turns out that it was Narrow Angle Closure Glaucoma. Dr. Barnes sent me to see his associate in Lansing, Dr. You. Didn't love the drive, but appreciated that Dr. Barnes wanted me to be seen by Dr. You for her opinion on the best course of action. The doctors decided that the best approach for now was the laser and Dr. Barnes did that in Mt. Pleasant. It went exceedingly well and my check up showed good pressures in both eyes. Everyone at LO Eye, both Mt. Pleasant and Lansing are caring and kind. I hardly felt like it was a medical appointment! Thank you all so much for saving my eye sight.


He was very abrupt, didn't let me finish telling him what concerned me. Said patients and doctors talk differently and cleaned his ear with a q-tip while telling me his results. Gross, Rude, totally inappropriate and unprofessional.


I was thinking of going down state to have my eye surgery. Then I found L.O. Eye Care and Dr. Barnes. I could not have been happier as Dr. Barnes is an excellent Dr. He is such a caring, kind Dr. as is his staff. My eye surgery went excellent and its amazing how well I can see without glasses. Thank you Dr. Barnes!


The doctor worked very well with my 9 year daughter in making her feel comfortable and talking directly to her. He also did great explaining things to me.


Thank you for giving me such better vision!


Dr. Barnes is the best! I feel extremely confident in whatever treatment he suggests. Thank you Dr. Barnes


I was so impressed with Dr. Barnes and the staff at L.O. Eye Care that I have moved the records for myself and my daughter from another practice; where I had been a patient for 37 years. Thank you for your outstanding service!


Dr Barnes was thorough and I have confidence in him


Dr and staff were professional and polite. We were very happy.


I’m frustrated with the lack of explanation regarding my eyesight.


I am always very satisfied with Dr. Barnes.


Very Satisfied


Dr Barnes was exceptional and eased my worry.


Could not be happier with this physician. Not only is he professional but treats me at a personal level.


Dr. Barnes put my husband at ease prior to and during his surgery.


Very Professional- thank you., Dr. Barnes.


Dr. Barnes was great and I have ALWAYS had a great deal of confidence in him!


I have only seen Dr. Barnes twice and I have been very satisfied each time.


Very positive. Looking forward to the outcome.


This was a very positive experience. Dr. Barnes was very clear explaining the procedure and about surgery.


Did not spend a whole lot of time with doctor... felt rushed. So while he and staff were friendly I did not get a chance to get to know them. Doctor's medical techniques were okay (problem with eye was resolved). If needed I would go back, but as for recommending Doctor I would just say I saw him and he was okay.


Seemed friendly and knowledgeable. Knew how to care for your eyes especially when a patient has diabetes.


Dr Barnes is a wonderful dr,really impressed with the outcome of my surgery.


Dissatisfied and not taken seriously of the condition of my eyes. Clearly I had an infection the doctor passed off as nothing and said "come back when needed". I'm never going back there again.


very professional.


Dr. Barnes is very professional. Is very careing.


I like doctor Barnes straight forward way of explaining everything to me. I was not left wondering


Addressed my problem promptly. Was 100% satisfied


Excellent surgeon!


Dr. Barnes took time to explain each procedure he did on my eyelid to remove a chylasia. He was very helpful in diagnosing the stage of cataracts that I was at and recommending treatment.


For me it could not have been better!




I have been treated very well by Dr. Barnes.


Great experience timely appointments never kept waiting an unreasonable amount of time


Wonderful doctor and staff.


excellent experience. Highly recommend dr. barnes. His staff is also great.


This entire staff is outstanding.


We have used Dr. Barnes for many years and will certainly continue to be his patients.


Doctor Barnes is FANTASTIC!


So glad, and feel so fortunate that I am now a client of Dr. Barnes. Great relief, to now know exactly what is going on with my eyes.


Dr. Barnes is very 'down to earth' friendly, describes what the problem is, discusses with you what options might be and what YOU would like done.


Dr. Barnes has the ability to convey a sense of caring for clients eye health.


Trust Doctor Barnes and his wonderful staff 100%.


Very friendly, listens to your concerns. Outgoing and makes you feel invested in your care.


I have watched the Dr. work with people for several years and have been impressed with his chair side manner and his knowledge.


Was very grateful that he could see me without an appointment and could diagnose my problem.


Dr. Barnes and the entire staff consistently exceeds my expectations on every visit. Thanks!


Doctor Barnes is a very caring, kind and courteous Doctor. He is easy to talk to, and listens patiently when you are talking to him. The whole staff is wonderful to work with.


Very nice.


They went above and beyond my expectations, highly recommend.


Kind, courteous, knowledgeable, patient.


I found Dr. Barnes to be very helpful and patient as I was recovering from an eye infection that had me feeling really distressed. I was very happy with my care.


Dr. Barnes just fills you with confidence.


I think Dr. Barnes was fantastic. Dr. Barnes explained things in a language the patient can understand and he cuts right to the chase. Honest and straight forward. Excellent!


Would highly recommend Dr Barnes to anyone.I am very happy with the results.


Dr. Barnes is always pleasant, thorough, knowledgeable, and a good listener.


I really trust him to keep me from becoming blind.


I am impressed with Dr. Barnes show of concern for the well-being of the patient.


Dr.Barnes is great to explain everything, extremely thorough and treats everyone very nicely


I had an extremely bad eye infection that I had been battling for 3 days before I saw Dr Barnes. He really helped me out and when I saw him 2 days later my eye had really cleared up a lot. Both of the girls that worked with me were professional but a joy to work with. I highly recommend Dr Barnes to anyone who would ask.


Dr. Barnes was excellent. Very accommodating, professional, and knowledgeable.


Dr. Barnes is thorough and precise. Very appreciated.


I have great respect and confidence in Dr. Barnes.


Dr Barnes genuinely relates, makes you feel confident and at ease.


very caring


Dr. Barnes is very personable and 'people-oriented'. He made me feel that I had his full attention for whatever questions I needed answered. He is very thorough and honest in his answers, and I have great confidence in having him do my surgery.


Friendly, concise, and confidant - very good.


Dr. Barnes is good Dr and a fine man.


Excellent doctor, very through, professional!


Dr Barnes and staff do a great job for us!


He cares for his patients and tries his best to provide the best service. Excellent doctor!


I am exceptionally happy with Dr. Barnes.


Dr. Barnes has been great.


I have great confidence in Dr Barnes. Looking for a positive outcome from my surgery.


very please on how everything went. hope the surgery goes just as well.


Dr. Barnes is very friendly and personable. I feel very comfortable with him taking care of my eyes.


Excellent! Listens and explains very clearly inviting questions. Thank you!!


Very pleased with Dr. Barnes . I fully trust in his abilities to preform what ever procedure my eyes may need in the future.


Dr Barnes gave me the most through eye exam I have ever had . I felt that he was a very caring doctor and did his job very well .


Dr. Barnes is great! Very professional and personable. Pulls no punches and tells it like it is.


He was highly recommended by both Dr. Bartz and people that I know who have had him care for them.


Dr. Barnes and his staff have always treated me with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. I truly appreciate their service!


I am well pleased with the care concern and professionalism shown by Dr. Barnes and his staff.


Everything went great. Dr. Barnes is excellent at explaining things and answering my questions.


A doctor with outstanding professional qualifications


Dr. Barnes came highly recommended and exceeded my expectations.


honestly covered all options before a recommendation- very personable-made me feel very comfortable and confident as a first time patient


He is one of the best doctors I ever had. He takes time to talk and it's just great I can't say enough about his caring. I tell all my family and friends about how kind and caring he is always make you feel good even when you're scared to death


I was pleased with the visits and surgery with Dr. Barnes. He was personable and easy to talk with.


very comfortable with Dr. and his skills. I am having another procedure soon and am positive about the out come.


He was highly recommended and lived up to my expectations and more.


Everyone was very pleasant.


Great doctor.


A great provider


So very happy with all aspects from Dr. Barnes's staff, quality of care. Would highly encourage people to go to his office for their optical services.


Dr. Barnes and everyone in his office were very friendly and kind, while they were efficient. I felt like they were taking good care of me.


Visit with Dr. Barnes was excellent. I recommend him highly.


Great experience


Highly impressed with Dr. Barnes. Listened to what I had to say and gave thought to his answers. Explanation of how things would go was clear.


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