John Mackovjak, M.D.

John Mackovjak, M.D.

John Mackovjak, M.D.

Cataract Surgery, LASIK
Board Certified
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Mt. Pleasant

John Mackovjak, M.D. obtained both his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He completed his Ophthalmology residency at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI. In his spare time, Dr. Mackovjak enjoys spending time with his family, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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The doctor is excellent !


As a Navy Veteran I have seen many top notch equipment , for examinations in eye clinics. This clinic proves to be one of the best possible you could ask for. i solute your staff with your promptness and attention you have given me. i recommend your work to anyone .


Great experience


I respect Dr. Mackovjak - but I am not happy with why I have to have more done after Cataract Surgery


Dr. Mackovjak was professional in every aspect of visit. Couldn’t ask for more and will be referring others to him.


Super staff! Couldn't ask for anything better.


Very good patient relationship...listens well and is quite friendly. We love him.


I feel he is very professional, he has done my cataract surgeries and my care before and after. Very patient and understanding.


After nearly 24 years of specialty eye doctors, I have to say he is by far the best we've seen. He is professional, well trained, caring & considerate. We are exceedingly happy to have found him.


Made me feel very comfortable and impersonal yet professional.


I'm very happy with the care that I received at my office visit. Would highly recommend this practice for anyone seeking a "good eye Dr."


Dr. Mackovjak is an excellent ophthalmologist and a very caring person.He always has the best interests of his patients in mind!


Very nice Doctor


I am very impressed with Dr. Mackkovjak and I have a great deal of confidence in him. He listens and communicates better than many other health care providers I've seen recently!


Very comfortable


Dr. is very upbeat and professional.


Not only is Dr mackovjak excellent, his staff is amazing. They are very helpful....kind ....and always smiling and happy. I would and have recommend him.


DR. Mackovjak. is a very nice DR.


Dr. Mackovjak and his staff are awesome!


He did a great job on my cataract surgery on my left eye. My right eye is next.


This doctor takes the time to answer your questions and explain why. He also told me what he was thinking when ordering a test.


Doctor is excellent. Some of his staff not so friendly.


I am asking why the issues in my R eye with the dots, both eyes with the traveling light, & the feeling of going cross eyed, were not addressed. I told at least three of the people I saw, Dr. M. included. That's when they began with the cataract talk & subsequent surgery. I have relayed that these issues continue, and still no answers.


I went to see Dr. Mackovjak for a second opinion and I was very happy with him!!


I felt very comfortable with the Doctor and staff


I first met him a few weeks ago when the person who answered my phone call realized I needed to be worked in rather than wait a week. Dr. M was attentuve, explained things and gave me rx that worked perfectly. I went bk for scheduled re ck, more instructions and return for ck, and this time my eyes were healed.up regarding the damage. I asked a questioned and he went nk and looked at his notes and further explained. I am very happy with the way he managed my issues each time. And he is very patient and never acts as if he is too much in a hurry.


He was very helpful and caring.


His ability to recognize any eye issues is impeccable. I trust his decision and recommendations 100%. Thank you Dr for my recent cataract surgery success.


Very compassionate and very professional.


This doctor is one of the best. Listens, and communicates well!


I felt very comfortable and knew I was being well cared for. He was very patient with me. His team in the office and at the hospital took great care of me. Thank you




I am always trying to get more patients to go to Dr. Mack. He is easy to work with and very knowledgeable.


I recommended that (a friend) contact you yesterday. He needs cataract surgery and I told him how much I liked you and how caring you are.


It's obvious the Dr. has a tremendous number of patients to see in a limited amount of time. However, it would be nice to hear what the Dr. is seeing during his exam. If only to hear that the eye is fine.


Excellent communication with patient


I recently had cataract surgery on my left eye with corrective lens implant and it's truly amazing. Its like high definition. Can't wait to get my right eye done. Kudos to all at L.O. Eye


It is only my first visit to this Doctor but over all I thought it went very well


Great place. I will highly recommend L.O. Eye Care to anyone that is in need. The appointment was for my 6year old daughter. She was terrified before we got there. They were so friendly and kind with her, that we got it taken care of and she left so happy.


My optometrist that I have had for years does a more complete exam that I received from this office and I was told Dr. Mackovjak was an ophthalmologist? In fact he didn't even check my vision, an assistant checked my vision and I was charged $44.00 for an assistant doing a doctors job. Not sure what if anything Dr. Mackoviak did.


He seems knowledgeable, professional, & pleasant. This is all new to me & I'm not as knowledgeable as I would like to be about cataracts & fuch's dystrophy.


I am very pleased with Dr. Mackovjak. He is a very caring and competent ophthalmologist.


Dr. Mackovjak is WONDERFUL! He is so kind and truly cares about his patients. I Have already recommended him to other potential patients.


Dr. Mackovjak is an outstanding doctor! He is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and explains things clearly. He has a calm demeanor that makes me feel comfortable under his medical care.


I appreciate the thorough, professional care I receive at your practice.


The only place I give my confidence in my eye care


On my first visit and being introduced to Dr. Mackovjak I knew I was going to like having him as my doctor. He greeted me with a big smile and a firm handshake. He is very professional and very thorough in his examinations. He never seems to be in a hurry and always asks if I have any questions. I also enjoy that he has a dry sense of humor that comes through once in awhile. I would recommend him to anyone for eye treatment.


I had visited my other eye doctors office 3 times and they did not diagnose the issue like Dr. Mackovjak did. Very thankful for the help he has provided to me!


Excellent doctor would recommend him to everyone.


Dr. Mackovjak made me feel very comfortable and it was the best experience I ever had . Thank you Dr. mackovjak . And the staff was professional and also took the time for and questions I had so nice .


I am always recommending Dr. To anyone looking for an eye doctor!


the doctor was very nice and thorough


First Ophthalmologist appointment ever and I feel very fortunate it was Dr. Mackovjak!


Excellent Doctor


He was friendly and seemed very doctorish.




I liked the way the Dr. took his time explaining everything he was going to do ahead of time. Explained the procedures that took place n what each was for. He was very calm n ready to do his job.


Dr. Makovjak is wonderful physician and person. He is always very attentive to my care and needs. Also, he answers questions directly and in a way that is easy to understand. He has my highest regard.


Very professional & friendly.


Great doctor:)


Out of one to ten I give a rating of 15. Amazing Dr!


Very satisfied


Very satisfied


Dr. Mackovjak was friendly and positive. He clearly explained everything he was going to do in the eye exam, so I felt comfortable. The staff and assistants that I interacted with were kind.


Thank you so much for working me in on short notice to address my eye concern. Office team and Dr. Were excellent !


Very Good.


knowledgeable, and nice manners


Very polite, very compassionate.


It was greatly appreciated that the Dr stayed for me to come in, ask was very nervous with the condition of my eye, I' all recommend him anytime. Again thank you !


Love Dr. Mack. I've never seen him when he wasn't smiling.


It was a very relaxing and comfortable environment. I'm very confident with the doctor and the staff. `


Although Dr. Mackovjak looks like he just graduated from high school, he is very competent, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him.


Everybody was very nice and this is going to be an unusual experience for me.


Very impressed with the Dr. Are you sure he has even graduated from high school? Looks so very young. Which is a good trait to have.


Extremely satisfying experience.


I was in pain after an allergic reaction effected my eyes and sent me to the emergency room. I was able to see the doctor quickly.


What a wonderful doctor. I felt very secure in the surgery and so pleased with his personality. I recommend Dr. Mackovjak highly.


Dr. Machovjak is very personable and friendly. I do not feel that he explained what I would like to have known about my surgeries but maybe the fault was mine. I did have confidence that he was very capable of doing the surgeries. If someone asked my opinion of he, I would give him a good recommendation but tell them to be sure that they understood what was going to be done.


He is not only informative but makes you feel comfortable. Hoping my surgery g pi especially as well!


The doctor and staff have been wonderful. I would highly recommend them.


Very nice young man


He is so kind and friendly and puts me at ease.


I have already recommended Dr. Mack to two people


Dr. Mackovjak is a wonderful doctor. He is very good at answering my questions and detailing my treatment plan. Also, he is actively present at community health events. I recommend him highly!


Wouldn't go anyplace else! Keep up the GREAT work, Dr. Mac!


Doctor Mackovjak is a very personable doctor. Very patient oriented and courteous. Has very good bedside manners. Would recommend him to anyone.


They just don't come any better than Dr. Mac! We love him!


Dr. Mackovjak is a wonderful dr. very professional but down to earth. He is a young Dr. Sullivan in my opinion.


Very confident in Dr. Mac! It's so important to feel that the Dr. has the patient's best interest in mind. . . . and not the $ that he will get paid. We feel Dr. Mac is 'all about his patients'! GREAT JOB!


Dr. Mackovjak was excellent--both prior-to-surgery visit, the day of, and post-surgery visit. We are fortunate to have him in this community.


Short wait, smooth transition from one room to the next, office seems to run well. Doctor Mac very pleasant.


Dr. Mackovjak was very friendly and as far as I know he is competent and my experience following surgery was not normal. However for about 6 weeks after the first surgery I felt completely worn out with absolutely no energy or stamina . About a week and a half after the second surgery I gradually regained my energy and felt very well except my eyes.


My cataract surgery was wonderful. It was an enjoyable experience; and everyone was helpful explaining what they were doing. There was friendly, pleasant, and sometimes a humorous staff. They contributed to a pleasant experience. I'm very happy with the surgery and care I received while I was there on both surgeries...first left eye and then the right eye.


Dr. Mackovjak is a delightful person. He greets you so lovingly that you feel extremely comfortable in his office. He is always smiling. Answers your questions patiently and thoroughly. I had a cataract surgery and I am extremely happy with the results. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.


Treated very well on my first visit.


Dr. Mackovjak is extremely competent but even more important is his respectful attitude toward his patient. I will recommend him to all of my friends.


Dr. Mackovjak and everyone else that works at L.O. Eye Care in Mt. Pleasant has been very friendly and caring. They have answered all my questions so that I understood. I would recommend L.O. Eye Care to anyone. Thank you for all that you have done for me.


Considering that I am always apprehensive when seeing a new doctor, I was very comfortable with Dr. Mackovjak. So much new information was hard to digest but he did well. But he did well explaining it all.


I am so pleased with Dr. Mac. He goes above and beyond.


I believe this doctor is honestly one of the best eye doctors i've been to. He is quick and to the point and doesn't dilly dally.


I have met with this doctor several times, and each time thought he was most courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.


I was very happy with the care I received at my appointment. The Dr. answered my questions very satisfactorily in terms that I could understand.


Excellent doctor


Very professional ! Doctors in this office and in Lansing are very timely in appointments.


This was my second surgery with Dr. Mackovjak within two weeks. He is great! I have recommend him to two people who will be seeing him soon.


I was pleased with the feeling I got from him that he cared about my eyes, he never seemed impatient, he had my confidence that he know what he was doing, and his explanations to me questions were understandable. I would recommend him to others!


Doctor Mackovjak is a wonderful Doctor. He listened to my questions and concerns and made sure I understood what he would be doing during my cataract surgery.


very friendly. He is well liked by everyone he works with both in his office and at the hospital.


I had to ask the dr if I had cataracts ,he did not communicate very well


He is very nice doctor who gives me very good care for my eyes. I thank for him!


Dr. Mackovjak is what I would expect from a good doctor.


he is outgoing and always has a positive attitude. Like his friendliness.


This was the first time I'd had an appointment with Dr. Mackovjak. I found him to be a good listener and thought he realized how nervous I am about cataract surgery so soon after my retinal detachment surgery.


Very easy to work with - explained what was going on in "plain" English - great personality


Received good recommendations from other patients. They were spot on. Was given excellent care and made to feel comfort during surgeries. Took away worries I had about the procedure.


Excellent place and awesome employees


enjoyed meeting him. the staff was friendly and helpful. I especially was grateful for their made an effort to get me in quickly given my situation.


I feel that I had very good care at my office visit. The staff was very friendly,and everyone explained what they were doing and what I could expect.


Dr. Mackovjak and his staff performed in a very professional manner. I am very satisfied.


Extremely satisfied with Dr. Mackovjak's professional service.


He is a fine young man.


very knowledgeable, and I plan on continuing my follow up appt in the next year


I am very pleased with Dr. And his staff. I will definitely keep using him.


I was very pleased with Dr. Mackovjak. I thought the eye exam was very thorough and his explanation of the results as well as his recommendations were clearly communicated. Also, he took the time to answer any questions I had.


The doctor took his time checking out my eye and listening to my complaints, but as a patient, I like to know what is going on. He just proceeded to do his examination without saying anything to me. He spoke to the scribe using medical jargon and never explained what anything meant to me. All he said was that he wants to see me in a week. He quickly rushed out of the room without even asking me if I had any questions. I wasn't pleased.


He sure is an understanding and sympathetic person. Very caring attitude towards his patient He runs a family oriented business. If I ever need his services as such again, I would go to Lansing Ophthalmology and ask for him. Thanks to all!




Everything that you should expect from a Doctor. Very pleased with his services and staff.


Very courteous and competent.


Dr. Mackovjak listened and considered my concerns about taking the lowest effective dose of medication for my condition. I really appreciated that!


Very professional and kind


Extremely professional yet kind and caring, I would certainly consult with him again and recommend him to friends and family.


I felt that I had gotten a very good exam.


Dr. Mackovjak made me feel safe in his ability to correct my eye problem. He answered all questions as asked. He is an asset to his profession.


He was very personal I enjoyed getting to know him.


Really pleased with the way the doctor conducted himself, seemed so open and honest.


Both the doctor and the nurse acted like I have had this procedure (cataract surgery) done before. I was confused after the consultation. I guess I will have to make sure they answer my questions more thoroughly when I go in next week.


Dr. has a very professional way about and down home friendliness about him and his staff. Thanks.


Very pleased. Not sure of the overall outcome yet but very pleased with him as a doctor and the concern he had for my Aunt, the patient.


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