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Patrick J. Ebert, O.D.

Complete Eye Exams and Contact Lenses
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Dr. Ebert received his Bachelor's Degree from Ferris State University, Big Rapids. He completed his Doctor of Optometry degree at Illinois College of Optometry, Chicago. Dr. Ebert is a native of St. Johns, MI and is a married father of twins. He enjoys family activities, playing hockey, golf, and pheasant hunting.

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I have been seeing Dr. Ebert for several years. I think he does a great job.


Dr. Ebert is a very pleasant person. Also, very professional.


Very Excellent Doctor, Handles and Explains Everyone Great. Very Satisfied and Trust in This Doctor.


Dr. Ebert is very professional, always courteous, and always very helpful.


Always friendly and quick, you don't have to be there all day. Straight to the point about care.


Excited for follow-up visit, the entire experience was quick and smooth.


Very pleased with Dr. Ebert and L.O. Eye.


Been going to Dr. Ebert for a long time - no concerns/issues. Does great work and look forward to seeing him yearly


Some doctors have bad breath. Dr ebert does not. Thank you doc!


He did not try to sell me replacement lenses when it became obvious I didn't need them. Thanks!




Dr.Ebert is an awesome Dr. he is kind, patient and understanding of my frustration with my eye condition


Great doc!


This was my first time at LO Eye Care. I was impressed with Dr. Ebert. He was kind, yet professional.


Dr. Ebert is great, always friendly and professional.


Dr. Ebert is excellent, caring and helpful for the past several years I've been going to him. Highly recommended!


Takes the time to be a nice guy. Always enjoy engaging with him, even for a short time. Also super efficient.


Dr. Ebert is wonderful


Courteous, quick, knowledgeable doctor. Will definitely see him again


Dr Ebert is very knowledgeable and patient oriented. He explains things and does a very through job.


Have gone to him for years he is very professional


Dr. Ebert was very friendly and clearly explained the treatment plan for me so that I understood not only what the future treatment would be, I also understood why.


He was very friendly & professional. I would go back to see him.


The entire process was amazing! Great staff! My eyes have never been happier!


Dr. Ebert is great. I have been going to him for many years. It’s the only reason that I go to LO eye care .


All of my experiences with Dr. Ebert have been professional and reassuring. I would clearly suggest his care to others.


Dr. Eibert is fabulous! Listened to all my concerns and helped me work out a dilemma to have two sets of glasses to address my vision challenges! I will be back. My entire family loves the practice!!!


I was very pleased with all of the staff at L.O. Eye Care. Especially those who greeted me and checked me in at the beginning of my appointment. Very professional staff!


Dr. Ebert and the LOL staff are GREAT!


Dr. Ebert is very knowledgeable and cares about his patients.


Dr Ebert is quite thorough. He is friendly and makes me st ease.


I have great confidence in Dr. Ebert, been seeing him for many year, and anticipate many more years.


Dr Ebert always listens and takes time to answer question. The exam is always very professionally completed and I feel like it is very efficient. I never feel like I am waiting too long to see the doctor and the staff is also very friendly and helpful as well I have great confidence in Dr. Ebert.


Nice doctor


I appreciate all his great care.


My family and I have seen Dr Ebert for years. He is always professional, courteous, and takes an interest in my family and me. I have recommended him many times to others.


Dr Ebert is the best!!


Dr. Ebert is always great during my annual visit!!


my family and i have been going to dr. ebert for years, and we all feel that he is an excellent doctor for all of our vision needs.


Dr. Ebert is wonderful. Very patient and considers the patients needs. I love going back for my yearly checkup because he is such an attentive, caring doctor.


Dr. Ebert was very informative and even answered a question I had before I had a chance to ask him. Very pleased!


Awesome doctor


Dr. Ebert found a potential problem that I had no indication of having. He referred me to another L.O. specialist who identified and fixed the problem prior to experiencing serious problems.


I have a recently diagnosed retinal problem, which has been gradually improving. I obtained a new prescription for glasses in May, just as the problem was discovered. A change in prescription seemed warranted, and Dr. Ebert carefully and patiently assessed my current status, concluded that a change was needed, and provided a new prescription.


Dr. Ebert is very personable and knowledgeable. He makes you very comfortable.


Dr. Ebert has a warm personality and has always carefully listened to my concerns. However, he always seems to be in a rush whenever I go in for treatment. I guess this might be as a result of the number of patients he has to attend to but wish he could spend a few more minutes to explain his diagnosis fully and break down the technical medical language to a layperson. This also makes me not want to ask him more questions as I feel that I might be delaying him for his next appointment. Overall, he is a good doctor!


I have seen Dr. Ebert for years and he is very professional and enjoy seeing him yearly.


I have seen Dr. Ebert over the course of many years and he has provided excellent eye care. I am very happy with him.


I am very happy with his care. Willing to take the time to evaluate my condition and tries different contact lenses that will better meet my needs.


has been our doctor since we moved to the area - excellent care


nice doctor, but would like to be more informed on what type of lenses he recommends for a keratconus patient


Have already recommended him to a friend.


Dr. Ebert is always pleasant and efficient!


He is a good doctor.


Dr. Ebert is very professional and thorough


Love Dr Ebert.


Very happy with Dr. Ebert and the staff at LO Eye Care. I've been coming ever since I was a child and don't plan to go anywhere else as long as I have the option.


I have been seeing Dr. Ebert for as long as I have been going to LO Eye (decades!), and I think he is superb. He answers questions thoroughly. I have great confidence in him.


Very personable physician who is efficient and knowledgeable.


Dr. Ebert is a professional. I trust him with the care of my eyes.


He is the doctor I've seen from when I first started coming to LOEyeCare. Always very professional but approachable, I never feel like he's talking down to me or dismissing me. I appreciate that.


Dr. Ebert is a professional and competent physician.


Great experience all the way from the Medical Tech to the doctor to eye wear tech


I have been a patient for many years. I think he's the best! I've recommended him to several people. I appreciate his attention to detail and willingness to take the time to explain things.


I have been a patient of Dr. Ebert for many years. I trust him with my eye sight.


Dr Ebert is very knowledgeable, personable and professional. I have been seeing him for some time now and I have been very satisfied working with him.


Dr. Ebert is able to balance being professional with being friendly.


Dr. Ebert is very nice and patient


Very professional


Dr. Ebert is amazing with my special needs son. We have went to him for years. My son looks forward to his eye exams. Dr. Ebers takes time with us. He does not rush the exam and he converses with us. We are very happy with his care!


Very helpful and nice. A joy to go to. Very trustworthy.


Dr.Ebert is a great doctor, he takes the time to listen and I don't feel rushed.


Dr. Ebert has always been very caring and professional while interacting with me. He listens patiently and answers all my questions completely and with respect.


I have been a patient of Dr. Ebert for many years and he always takes whatever time is necessary to ensure my contacts are comfortable and eyes are healthy.


I have recommended Dr. Ebert to anyone that ask me for an eye doctor. He is an excellent doctor and I am very glad someone else recommended him to me.


Dr. Ebert has been seeing me for about four years now, and it is always a pleasure seeing him! He is always so kind and patient!


Very respectful and cool


Dr. Ebert kindly took extra time to explain items on problem list


I am so happy to have Dr. Ebert in charge of my eye care. He always answers my questions, no matter how silly they may seem. And he knows just the right treatment plan.


Dr. Ebert was patient and explained my change in my prescription clearly. I have large floaters which make examing my vision a challenge. He was very patient.


I've been with Dr. Eibert for a very long time now. He's incredibly thorough and supportive. I trust him explicitly. And I've recommended him a number of times!


I have been seeing Dr Ebert for years. He is always polite, professional and personable.


Dr. Ebert does a wonderful job. I have full confidence that he takes good care of my eyes.


Dr. Ebert answers all my questions thoroughly in a manner that makes sense to me which I appreciate. I have complete confidence in him.


Dr. Ebert answers all my questions thoroughly in a manner that makes sense to me which I appreciate. I have complete confidence in him.


Dr. Eibert has been my doctor for years. He's the best. I have great confidence in him and have recommended him to friends and loved ones.


Dr. Ebert is the epitome of a skilled eye care professional. I recommend him highly to anyone seeking an expert eye examination.


I like Dr Ebert very much. He is kind and knowledgeable.


Entire Family has used Dr. Ebert for several years. Excellent doctor


Dr Ebert is an amazing doctors! Always professional and courteous


very helpful and good listener


Very kind and very professional. Would highly recommend to anyone.


He's great. I've been his patient for 25 years and will keep coming back in future.


Great service & always feel I'm getting excellent eye care.


I've been going to Dr. Ebert for years-- very professional and courteous.


Overall good rating but still feel like assembly line service. Front office staff very professional, informative, and friendly.


Dr appeared to listen to concerns.Performed what appeared to be a comprehensive and friendly exam. Obviously I assume that folks don't like the gook placed in the eyes but the process was relatively painless.


First time seeing Dr. Ebert. Very satisfied. If all my previous optometrists had been as good as him, I'd have been referred to an ophthalmologist much sooner. Looking forward to keeping him.


The doctor appeared to be aloof, rushed and not informative. I've seen others at the practice who have been amazing. I plan to see one of them next time.


Very happy with Service.


I have been seeing Dr. Ebert at LOEye for years. Exams are thorough, diagnosis explained clearly and competent, friendly staff. I am a fan!


Dr Ebert is always great. Explains everything very well.


Dr Ebert is thorough and takes the time to discuss all treatments and explain his diagnosis.


He is truly a great, caring of the patients, eye doctor, etc. etc. etc.


I've seen Dr. Ebert for years and thoroughly trust his advice and recommendations. He is a consummate professional. My youngest son wears glasses and I would not have him see anyone else except Dr. Ebert!


I have seen Dr. Ebert for years, and have recommended to others. He is a very professional and friendly.


Love him! This is not the first time I've seen him. He's excellent with his patients.


Always feel comfortable with Dr. Ebert.


My appointment was great and I'm confident that I will be seeing better soon.


I have total confidence in Dr. Ebert.


Professional. Excellent provider & physician.


Dr Ebert always gives the highest quality of care.


Dr. Ebert is great! I've gone to him for years.


Dr. Ebert is always very patient and takes time to answer all of my questions. He has been persistent in trying to help me get the best vision from my contacts and glasses, despite the challenges posed by my eye issues.


Excellent physician. Professional. Caring. Listens. Very knowable about contact lenses.


Friendly and kind.


He is thoughtful, courteous, a good listener and very professional. I recommended to my wife that she switch to Dr. Ebert; she plans to do so.


Dr. Every was excellent and provided a thorough eye exam. Listened and addressed all concerns.


As always, I received a thorough, professional and courteous exam. Dr. is a very friendly individual. We had a brief discussion, after my exam, regarding the state of MSU hockey!!


Great doctor


Always friendly and professional.


He did not rush me through the appointment and answered my questions.


Dr. Ebert has been giving me great care for several years.


He is very friendly and supportive.


I changed to seeing him about 1-3 years ago because the other provider I was going to did not listen to me. My prescription was never correct. He listens and explains concerns you have. I would definitely recommend him to others.


Dr. Ebert is awesome! He is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He was able to suggest some really great options for me.


I have been a patient of Dr. Ebert for many years, I highly recommend him and have the great respect for him and very confident with him handling my eye problems. Thanks Dr. Ebert!


Fast, friendly, efficient service. Thank you.


Dr. Ebert is always professional and takes good care of our eyes. He thoughtfully considers what we need. My husband and I are very happy with Dr. Ebert.


I liked Dr. Elbert very much and plan to schedule my next appointment with him.


Very professional and attentive to patients needs!


I have much respect and confidence in Dr Ebert's abilities.


I only see Dr. Ebert generally once per year. I continue to come here because of the excellent manner of both the doctor and all the staff at LO. In the ten plus years I have been coming here I can never remember a bad experience.


The whole staff was wonderful. Very courteous and professional. This was a very good experience overall. Dr. Ebert especially was very good!


Always a good experience with Dr. Ebert & his staff


He came in the room and sat down and didn't introduce himself. He didn't shake my hand or anything. I never met him before so I didn't know who he was. He needs a bit more bedside manner or chair side.


Excellent Dr. Would recommend.


Dr. Ebert is unfailingly kind, humorous, and accurate. It is obvious he is an expert in the field, and I wouldn't entrust my eye-care to anyone else.


Nice friendly Doctor, who loves his job.


Been a patient for three years. For the last two, Dr. Ebert has not tested my tracking (been a problem since I was a child. I even had surgery to correct) during my appointment. I'll be looking for a new doctor.


Very thorough, I was very impressed and feel confident in the expertise of Dr. Ebert.


Dr. Ebert is the best!


I thought Dr. Ebert did a fantastic job and satisfied with consultation!


I've been seeing Dr Ebert for my vision health for many years now. He is extremely competent, caring, and knowledgeable. And his 'bedside manner' is great! Recently, because of his thoroughness, Dr Ebert discovered a potentially serious condition in my eye during a routine eye exam and immediately (that day!) sent me to the retina specialist. Currently this is an ongoing condition, but it is likely that Dr Ebert has saved my vision!


He is excellent at listening and communication.


I've been a patient of Dr. Ebert's for a long time and his quality service & friendly demeanor is as strong today as in the past!


He seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, not relaxed. Maybe there is pressure to get to a lot of patients. He answered my questions. I also got info about the cost of contacts from the person at the contacts desk and answers about the cost of glasses from one of the representatives. Everyone was very professional. Also I would like to say the two women who did the initial eye exams were not only professional but also relaxed and friendly. When seeing Dr. Ebert I felt like he was really pushing to get to the next appointment. Of course that could be for personal reasons just related to his schedule that day or it could be due to pressure from the business to shorten exam times and see more patients.


He has been my doc for a long time we think he is the best


Dr. Ebert is very professional and is thorough.


Dr. Ebert did a wonderful and the staff was excellent


It is a pleasure to have Dr Ebert as my optometrist. I highly recommend him.


Was wonderful with my 8 year old daughter and my son when he goes. My children have been seeing Dr Ebert since they were toddlers. We have had nothing but positive things to say about Dr Ebert.


I have been a patient of Dr.Ebert for twenty plus years. I would recommend him highly to others. He is thorough , compassionate , easy to understand and overall a personable physician.


Have been with Dr. Ebert for years and love him!!!


Dr. Ebert was great!


I have been a patient of Dr. Ebert for many years and think he is fantastic, he is patient and thorough.


Friendly, professional, and efficient.


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