Sonia W. Rana, M.D.

Sonia Rana, M.D.

Sonia W. Rana, M.D.

Glaucoma Surgery, Cataract Surgery
Board Certified
Business 4.5 stars / 10 Reviews
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East Lansing - Coolidge Road
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Grand Ledge

Sonia W. Rana, M.D. is a fellowship trained glaucoma and cataract specialist. She performs glaucoma surgery including the minimally invasive glaucoma procedures (MIGs) as well as small incision cataract surgery with traditional, toric and multifocal intraocular lenses. She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and her medical degree from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.  She completed her Ophthalmology residency and Glaucoma Fellowship at Wayne State University/Kresge Eye Institute in Detroit, MI. Dr. Rana enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her husband and three children.


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Dr. Rana is an asset to the individuals she serves and the community as a whole.


Dr. Rana takes the time to listen and explains the next steps.


excellent, very professional


Dr. Rana is the consummate professional who is extremely approachable and understanding in my appointments with her.


Have always been well attended by both the Doctor and any support staff that assist the doctor.


Dr. Rana is personable and professional. As we only have one set of eyes, I would highly recommend her.


Dr.Rana is very courteous and will take time to answer questions and concerns.


I really appreciated the time she took with me. I had come to her to get a second opinion as to whether or not I had glaucoma. She made me feel at ease. Through all the testing that was done, I found out that I don't have glaucoma. I am so glad that I came to her.


Dr. Rana seemed nice but it was hard to tell in such a short visit. Being that it was the first time I've seen her I expected more and better communication for the first visit. Don't care for a Dr. who is in a hurry.. Also she was not as through as Dr. Moore was.


She was very pleasant and personable.


I have seen Dr. Rana and Dr. You. BOTH doctors were extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and made me feel very comfortable.


Dr. Rana was amazing !! I can’t wait to come back next year and that’s saying a lot about getting a diabetic eye exam


First time visit and Dr. Rana was fantastic. My only issue is I called after my visit with a question and no one called me back so that is a little frustrating.


Although Dr. Rana had many patients and seemed extremely busy, she did take time to answer my questions and be friendly.


I liked the check up and the visit by the doctor. Thanks for being so welcoming and attentive to the needs of the patient. We appreciate. Thanks !


My glaucoma treatment has become complicated by a significant allergic reaction. Dr. Rana has been diligent in helping get the reaction under control, and now is beginning the process of sorting out what medication(s) may be useful for glaucoma, without causing allergic response. I appreciate her careful diligence!


So thankful for Dr. Rana. She went out of her way to help me have both eyes completed in a timely fashion. (For insurance purposes.) Donna, was fantastic too. So happy wth the surgeries and the results!


have already recommended her to friends and strangers


First time meeting Dr. Rana. Although I have visited with other doctors at LOE past years. Nice experience. Answered my questions.


Dr Rana explain everything and anwered all my questions and concerns...she took time and did not rush you in and out..thank you for all she did....


Very pleasant personality. Very confident in her diagnosis . Nurses and aids were very pleasant.


I have the upmost confidence in Dr. Rana and her staff. They are professional and yet very friendly. Dr. Rana is very perky and always makes me smile!


I have referred several people to her already!


Dr. Rana is wonderful. When I was referred to her for an iridotomy I was really concerned about the procedure. By the time my visit was over with I was informed and felt at ease with her. She is wonderful! I just had my other eye done and It went very well!


a very good doctor and someone that I can trust.


Dr. Rana is a pleasant, professional individual. She gives a fair and frank assessment.


Dr. Rana watched after my care when I traveled to Florida this past winter, by referring me to another eye Dr. with the same skills as Dr. Rana, my care continued with her careful guidance while I was away from Michigan. Thank you Dr. Rana for treating me like family!


Dr. Rana watched after my care when I traveled to Florida this past winter, by referring me to another eye Dr. with the same skills as Dr. Rana, my care continued with her careful guidance while I was away from Michigan. Thank you Dr. Rana for treating me like family!


Felt rushed


A wonderful surgeon. Has a wonderful bedside manner.


A wonderful surgeon. Has a wonderful bedside manner.


Very knowledgeable and personable.


Excellent Dr, I'm just uncertain about the upcoming surgery on my eye.


Wonderful Dr. with great listening skills!


Awesome Eye Doctor


Dr Rana Took good care of me before during and after my cataract surgery


She was very nice and helpful


First time experience and I came away with complete confidence in the doctor and her abilities. She has an excellent bed-side manner and gave me a complete ease about the procedure.


Dr Rana was very knowledgeable, detailed and patient. Her assistant was also great!


The care and interactions I received with Dr. Rana and her tech was superb.


Dr. Rana is a sensational doctor and has a knack for explaining everything in a way that's easy to understand. I don't feel like I have to be another doctor to know what's going on in my eyes. She's very pleasant to speak to and always takes time to answer all of my questions.


I have learned more about my mothers glaucoma in her last three visits with Dr. Rana than I did from mothers other eye doctors over the last 30 years. Likewise she has made a plan to take care of my Cataract and possible inherited glaucoma. She explained her plans so well that she has my complete confidence and I know exactly what she’s going to do. She is a gem!!!!




Excellent doctor. Glad she did the surgery.


Dr. Rana is wonderful! I would gladly recommend her to anyone in need of help with their eyecare.


Dr. Rana is terrific, especially given that I may eventually have some challenges with my optic nerve in the future. She is very comforting, yet committed to following the progressions in my condition.


Dr. Rana was very professional and caring.


Dr. Rana exudes confidence in her. She listens to my concerns and answers my questions. I think she id's great.


She was friendly, courteous, informative & very knowledgeable. I liked the fact that she was so down to earth.


This was my first appointment with Dr. Rana and I was very impressed. She listened carefully to me and explained my eye issues in a concise and understandable manner. I look forward to working with her in the future.


I think so much of Dr Rana. Even though she sees many patients in a day, she has a way of making me feel like she really cares and takes the time to talk and listen. She is an asset to the practice and I think that Dr Plant would be proud to have her part of the practice he and his colleagues formed so many years ago. I’ve referred several of my friends to Dr Rana and they agree with me about her.


I really like Dr. Rana but I am considering another ophthalmologist. The wait times to see her have surpassed the ridiculous and have entered the sublime (For my last appointment I arrived at 12:15 and did not see Dr. Rana until 3:10.). I do not know where the fault lies here. If it wasn't for the fact I find her very personable and seemingly caring and also like the staff at L.O. Eye Care, I would have left already. I'm giving this group one last chance. I shouldn't have to take a whole afternoon off from work for an eye exam even though I understand their importance.


Dr. Rana is a awesome Dr. She is so nice and very professional... Awesome Doctor.


Very competent and engaging


Very nice doctor. Explained everything. Very knowledgeable.


Explains my condition well; answers any questions I ask. I have a lot of confidence in my treatment plan.


I like the fact that she did not push a surgery. She asked about my eyesight and then said my cataracts could wait. With my Type 2 diabetes, I felt that was a good choice.


Dr Roma is an excellent specialist and the only reason I go to LO Eye. The rest of the staff is friendly but it seems they are always running behind.


First impressions can be dicey! I came away from this visit with Dr Rana feeling I was in very good care. Glaucoma seems scary, but Dr Rana put my mind at ease or at least for now.


Great Personality


Outstanding physician! She is a very good listener.


Friendly, listens well, answers directly to questions, & offers clear advice.


He's busy, so quite a wait.


Great dr.


Dr. Rana explains everything she is doing in easy to understand terms. She is very friendly and makes the visit enjoyable. I trust her with my eye care.


dr. Rana is a breath of fresh air.


My husband and I love LO Eye Care; we both feel that we are receiving the absolute best in vision care; everyone we encounter there is top notch!


Very satisfied


wonderful doctor


LO Eyecare staff is very personable. Dr. Rana was nice but seemed rushed.


Dr. Rana has an excellent bedside manner. She gives each patient individual attention and makes you feel like you are the priority and only patient she is caring for while in her presence.


I am very pleased with Doctor Rana eye care and treatment.


A superb physician!


I have never had a bad experience with Dr. Rana and this was no exception.


She is very nice and really seems to care about patients ,,,,, big plus


Very attentive to the condition of my eyes in making sure I understand what she sees going on with my eyes


Warm, friendly, and beautiful! I felt she was an exceptional doctor and very confident that she knew how to do her job. She did an expert job with my surgery. I am so pleased with the outcome! I would recommend her to others!


Dr. Rana is very easy to talk to. She is always professional and courteous.


Dr. Rana is a conscientious and usually thorough eye doctor. We do wish that potential procedures would be explained in more depth, and that the reasons for the tests that are administered before I even get to see her are also explained. We did not realize that some of the tests necessary for my second cataract surgery had been done prior to the first, and were wondering when they were going to be scheduled.


She is amazing. We're grateful she is taking care of my eyes.


Dr. Rana, is very personable, courteous and friendly. She provides her full attention to the patient in front of her. I have already recommended her to someone else


Took time to answer any questions I had and clearly explained the procedure. Always friendly and caring.


Dr Rana and her staff treated very well when we had to drive to Lansing to see her. She was very willing to try to accommodate my working schedule to schedule appointments for my husband. We really liked her!


Very knowledgeable, professional and kind.


Dr. Rana is very sharp. 'So glad I picked her!


I am very satisfied with the care i receive from Dr. Rana


Even though Dr Rana is a very busy doctor in your very busy practice I never feel rushed or That she doesn't have the time to spend with me during my appointment. I've referred other friends to her and they agree with me. She is a real treasure and I'm so fortunate to have her on my team.


Very efficient, confident, smart. Communicated the status of my condition and the plan very clearly. Answers questions directly and honestly. My favorite doctor at LOEYE.


Dr. Rana is a compassionate doctor who was a pleasure to work with. She took care of my eye problems and I appreciate all she had done for me.


Dr Rana is an excellent Doctor. She did cataract surgery on both of my eyes. Very professional and she had the best bedside manners ever.


Dr. Rana is wonderful. She communicates clearly, listens well, and is transparent about the diagnosis.


She's great! My favorite.


This was my first meeting with Dr. Rana. I went there because of painful dryness in my eyes and also to get an eye exam. She seems to think I might have glaucoma, but didn't really explain why or what I should do. Did she did ask me to return in a month. I was confused at the end of the visit.


very personable, informative and knowledgeable


She rushed me through the appointment (I had never met her before) and dismissed my concerns. She didn't take time to listen to me and told me to call back if I had certain symptoms that I was already having that day but she blew them off.


I like Dr. Rana. She is very personable and, in my opinion, attempts to get to know her patients. I have confidence in her treatment of me.


I was very pleased with Dr. Rana. No-nonsense but I have great confidence in her diagnosis.


I can't say enough to express my satisfaction and appreciation for the quality of service and patient interaction by Dr. Rana


I cannot fully express my appreciation for the professional and friendly care provided by Dr. Rana. I would be VERY disappointed if I were not able to be served by her on future similar eye conditions. I consider her an excellent asset to LOEye


I find Dr. Rana not only knowledgable, but one who explains test results well to the patient. She also makes the patient comfortable during visits.


She is a awesome doctor


Very professional.


I could not have asked for a better physician to perform my eye surgery.


preparation for cataract and glaucoma surgery was flawless. Post procedure was confusing and I felt rushed.


Dr. Rana is a very courteous, thoughtful, wonderful doctor.


very professional and personable


My PCP/GP/MD referred me to this M.D. In the process, basically, chaos erupted (M.D. v. O.D.), and the M.D. only spent 2.75 minutes (195 seconds) with me.


Dr. Rana spends as much time with me as needed. She never makes me feel as if she is rushing through my appointment.


Dr Rana was excellent. She answered all my questions and did an excellent job in surgery. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a great doctor and surgeon.


Dr. Rana listened and addressed all my concerns. She did a great job!


She was nice. She was like every other doctor.


Great personality. Easy to talk to.


Dr. Rana is a very honest and likable doctor and I am very happy Dr. Eston referred her to me.


She was very thorough and professional, but also friendly.


First impressions are everything, and Dr. Rana was reassuring, clear, concise, and I have every confidence that this surgery will be a success!


Doctor Rana is one of the best eye doctors that I've had and I am grateful that she takes time to explain everything that she is doing in a way that the patient can understand. She is great.


The doctor is super.


What I like the most about Dr. Rana's scheduling is that there is little waiting time before I'm seen. She is definitely highly professional and courteous when examining me for ocular matters. I always leave her office feeling that I have just received the best care in the region.


Explains things very well. Respectful of patients and staff.


She was really nice and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. Great doctor!!


This was my first experience with Dr. Rana and I was delighted and impressed with her expertise in eye care. She is truly an asset to the lOEC group!


Dr. Rana is kind and caring, and very knowledgeable. She takes time to explain her diagnoses and answer any questions. She is a blessing! I am so thankful for her help.


Dr. Rana was very positive and made me feel very confident and comfortable about my procedure.


I feel that Rana is providing the best eye care that is available in the area. I always leave her office feeling very confident that my ocular evaluation was thoroughly done.


Dr. Rana is absolutely fantastic. She is a brilliant communicator, a great listener, confident, approachable. I have complete trust in her care of my eyes and feel better after my appointment with her than I ever have before.


Dr. Rana is very cordial and thorough and answers all questions asked. Took as much time as I needed for my appointment. did not feel rushed at all.


I am extremely pleased with the care I received from Dr Rana. She is very personable and thorough.


I love seeing this Dr. She is the first one I've seen there that listens and explains everything to me.


Dr. Rana is very smart, and is a clear communicator. I have confidence in her ability to protect my vision and to do what is best for me. No reservations.


Dr Rana is very competent along with making you feel good to visit her. I like her a lot. She takes whatever time you need!!


She is the best eye surgeon I know!!!!


I have had some difficulties with my cataract procedure which have been complicated by the illness & loss of my mother during the process. Dr. Rana has been very understanding and patient while keeping my confidence up that we will be successful and I will again have clear vision. I am grateful for her knowledge, the extra time she has given us and her caring manner.


Dr. Rana is an awesome and amazing Dr. I thank GOD, for her.


She is wonderful. Doctor knows her stuff. Thank you for everything.


She really knows her business n explains all steps.


Dr. Rana is friendly / approachable / down-to-earth each time that I see her. The experience with her and the LO staff is always very comfortable.


Love her so Much!!!!


Very compassionate to her patients - very recommendable.


I feel secure knowing she will be doing surgery on my eyes. She listened well and gave informative responses.


I really felt comfortable with her n having her do surgery on my eye.


I love my Dr. She is the best at what she does And would tell everyone I know to go to her for cataract surgery. She was a blessing to me.


Everyone there was professional and courteous.


Very personable and professional.


Excellent listener and adviser


Very pleased with Dr. Rana and feel lucky to have her as my doctor.


I had an eye injury and Dr Rana was very accommodating in getting me in right away to see her!


She seemed very knowledgeable and confident.


Fast service and clear, communicative doctor.


I thought she was cool, calm and knew exactly what she was doing. I have no bad things to say.


Dr. Rana is awesome. She is knowledgeable, kind and clearly communicates the diagnosis. I have great confidence in her. She answers all questions explicitly. She is great.


Dr. Rana is awesome. She is knowledgeable, kind and clearly communicates the diagnosis. I have great confidence in her. She answers all questions explicitly. She is great.


A visit to Dr. Rana's office has always been a very pleasant one. I have seen positive results in the treatment of glaucoma with this doctor. For this, I am a very happy patient. May God bless this young lady's medical astuteness.


Dr. Rana was great


Dr Rana immediately put me at ease and won me over! It is clear that she knows what she's doing, she's got great doctor-patient rapport, and is very thorough. I have total faith in her after only one visit so far!


Professional, caring and courteous.


Very competent, nice manner, and clearly explains issues...


I wish Dr. Rana a could be my primary care physician. She's excellent, and her assistants are very friendly and helpful!


Friendly but professional.


She was great


I appreciate her openness and I never have to wait for any length to be seen by her.


Friendly, listens.....explains.


Always cheerful, explains what's going on, and willing to listen and answers questions. Best trait is her competency as a surgeon.


She is very pleasant and answered my concerns.


Dr rana is competent and compassionate. She is very thorough in communicating with patients. She listens to concerns of her patients. I felt safe under her care.


Dr. Rana is just great.


Friendly, communicates well, and competent. Thrilled with the results of my cataract surgeries.


Dr. Rana is smart and caring. She really listened to my input about what my vision needs were and implanted lens that fit my lifestyle very well. She shines in surgery - 'capable and energetic. It also impressed me very much that she called me the evening after my surgery to see how I was doing, even though I had no complications. When's the last time a doctor called you at home to check on you?


I really like Dr. Rana!


Very satisfied with visit.


Dr rana is confident and professional .


Was very friendly and professional. Put me at ease, explained everything regarding the procedure and answered all my questions.


I love her!


She spent time explaining my condition so I understood it.


Very friendly !! From the volunteers, staff and Dr a very good experience


I like Dr. Rana. She is personable and takes time to listen to my issues. Of all the Ophthalmologists I've seen, she's at the top of my list.


Very personable, confident, correct, and action oriented. Thorough, and executes precisely.


I like the attention and care that she gives to me.


She was very professional and courteous.


Dr. Rana was knowledgeable and efficient. She was warm and it was clear she has a great deal of compassion.


I love her!


Friendly, skilled, knowledgeable, and cute. What more could you ask for!


Dr. Rana is very personable.


Prior to my appointment, I followed LOEYE guidelines to prepare. LOEYE staff followed up professionally, and everything went A-OK.


I like the time Dr Rana takes to answer my questions and explain the problem and what the next step/s are if what we are doing doesn't work. She is very very caring and has empathy for me even though she may see many other patients like me. I don't feel like I'm one of many.


She cares about her patients


very pleased with her


Dr Rana is wonderful!


Laticia, Sam, and Dr Rana are amazing. I know they were super busy with an er sx Dr Rana had to do. They worked me in around my work schedule. They are super friendly and amazing. I would recommend her to any pt.


I really like dr. Rana. I did not like the extremely long wait times.


First visit. So far so good. She is very friendly and answered my concerns.


Straight to the point, honest, very smart. Instills confidence that she knows what I'm experiencing, and is providing the best care for me.


Dr. Rana was highly recommended by my previous OPTH. I will be contacting her to find out if I will be continuing the same eye meds.


Dr. Rana was great!!!


Excellent doctor/patient rapport: genial, questioning, and thoroughly professional. I felt well served.


A very capable Dr.


Dr. Rana is a great doctor. She's very personable, caring, friendly and always greeting my family and I with a smile. She's by far the best doctor that I have ever had. Keep up the good work Dr. Rana, don't ever change.


She seemed to have all the skills necessary for her specialty, but I didn't find her explanations about my high eye pressure as helpful of those of Dr. Yeomans. I am glad to be under her care for now, and hope that the new drops can produce the desired result.


She is great!!!


Felt very comfortable with Dr Rana


Very empathetic with me. Professional and offered hints to help me with my problem.


She was really nice and sympathetic to me. I would recommend her to many of my friends.


Besides being an excellent clinician, Dr Rana fosters a very good patient doctor relationship. She answered all of my questions and went out of her way to procure my medical records from my not very cooperative Arizona ophthalmologist. She has a wonderful sense of humor also.


She seemed to be in a hurry, didn't take a lot of time with me.


Very friendly, willing to answer questions. We look forward to working with her. I brought my mom to see her. FYI


very positive & concerned. excellent doctor


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