Stuart P. Landay, M.D.

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Stuart P. Landay, M.D.

Cataract Surgery, LASIK
Board Certified
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East Lansing - Coolidge Road
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Grand Ledge

Dr. Landay graduated summa cum laude (with highest distinction) from the University of Michigan College of Engineering with a B.S. in electrical engineering. He then completed medical school at the University of Michigan, followed by a transitional internship at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu. He did his ophthalmology residency at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. Landay started practicing in Mid-Michigan in 1990 and does comprehensive ophthalmology, cataract, and refractive surgery. In his spare time he enjoys bicycling with his wife, SCUBA diving, and scouting.

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Dr. Landay's upbeat, relaxed demeanor in the operating room was a surprising change from his controlled office 'face.' Wouldn't go to any other doctor for eye surgery!


Dr Landay is an incredible representative of the Medical Community!


He listened to my concerns and we agreed on a plan of action that made me feel better.


I was very scared to have this done. The staff and Dr Landay was very informative and helpful.


Dr Landay is great


Dr. Landay exudes professionalism and sincere caring, a lot of elderly patients don't get much of these days, and I appreciate that.


pays close attention to patients comments and seems very thorough in his assessment.


Dr Landay was straightforward and honest with his diagnosis and answers to all my questions. I value this so much in a doctor! He is a very calm and confident person/doctor which was great when I was in surgery. He talked to me throughout the eye surgery which was very calming. I would recommend him to anyone.


Extremely pleased with the work performed by Dr. Landay


Dr. Landay is very understanding of the patient's concerns.


Great doctor!


Dr. Landay treats me not only like a patient but also like a person to have conversation with, and that makes me feel comfortable while he is checking on me.


Very knowledgeable


Good practionar


His smile is a confidence builder


good and everything went fine with no problems at all. Thank you Dr. Landay I see much better now.


Dr. Landay showed empathy


Dr. Landay was very personable and seemed genuinely interested in my concerns. Wonderful person, wonderful appointment. I will request to make my future appointments with him and would refer him to anyone.


I liked the doctor. Friendly, engaging, told me what to expect. Very professional.


Can't ask for a more skilled eye care Doctor than Dr Landay He is the best!


I always feel confident that Dr Landay is providing the best care for my eyes. He is always cordial and professional in his interaction. I came to L.O. Eye for quality care and am satisfied that I am getting just that. Thanks.


Dr Landay has taken a lot of time with me and has been responsive to all my questions. Much appreciated.


Thorough, relevant understood goals


Was pleased with the visit and how quick it was. No long wait plus positive examination.


Dr. Landay was recommended to me years ago by a friend who did medical transcription for many doctors, who said he was the best. That has been my experience, also.


Have utmost confidence in Dr. Landay. He makes US feel important and doesnt hurry with the exam


Dr. Landay has a wonderfully calm and confident manner that puts me at ease and helps me to describe issues regarding my eyes.


He is the best.


Very pleased with all loeye care staff and very pleased with results.


Very pleased with Dr. Landay. Have been his patient for some time.


Dr. Landay is a caring professional Dr.


I have been a patient of Dr. Landay's for DECADES. My confidence in his professional judgment, knowledge, and skills only grows with time. He is "on top" of my relatively complicated ocular history in ways that others are not. THANK YOU


Dr. Landay has always done great work and has helped my vision greatly. I am totally pleased and grateful for his work.


Dr. landay is an outstanding doctor and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking eye care.


Great Doctor!


I always come armed with humor to make Landay smile. I was successful.


I had a bit of trouble catching his drift sometimes. His deadpan delivery of required questions made me wonder if he was serious or clueless or joking.


Took a little longer than I expected but I was well treated by kind and courteous staff. Dr. Landay was attentive and focused on my eye health and care, I am quite happy with his skills, ability and persona.


Always happy with Dr. Landay.


Dr. Landay listens and is honest. I would recommend him to anyone needing an eye exam.


After my exam, Dr. Landay said he thought he could improve my vision with new glasses. That was quite an understatement: I am very pleased with both my new long-distance (driving) glasses and my new middle-distance (reading and computer) glasses. Dr. Landay know what he is doing.


Dr. Landay is very professional... Very knowledgeable... Makes me feel as though I am well-cared-for!


Dr Landay is the most thorough Physician I have!


Dr. Landay is very professional and caring. He has been informative and answers all my questions. He did my last cataract surgery and follow up. I highly recommend Dr. Landay


I was very pleased with Dr. Landay and would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.


I am a new patient and I could not be more pleased. The examination and testing are comprehensive. The staff are professional, patient, courteous, informative, and kind.


Personable and easy to talk with.


I am a long term patient and am very pleased with Dr. Landay!


I am always pleased with the professionalism of Dr Landay. Everyone I encounter at L.O. Eye Care does an excellent job. Keep up the good work. Thank you.


Both my husband and I are patients of Dy. Landay and have no problems with him at all. He explains things in a easy to understand manner and never seems too busy to address questions or concerns.


Dr. Landay is AWESOME!!


I have significant trust in Dr Landay. And, I believe that he is a very skilled doctor and his care indicates that he is greatly concerned about his patients well being. But, he is obviously not the warm and fuzzy type, and the concern that I firmly believe that he has, is not always obvious based on appointment discussions. Sometimes it appears that he is less interested in making personal connections, than treating the problem. That is OK with me because I am seeking a knowledgeable and skilled doctor and not a new buddy. I would highly recommend him.


He comes across as if he thinks very highly of himself. As if his time is much more important than the patients he treats who pay him for services. I wouldn’t recommend him to my friends because I think they’d be put off by him.


Dr Landay exhibits great care and confidence to his patients. Even so far as to check in on them after the procedure at home and before the first check up after at the office. Quality care.


I had a very advanced cataract and Dr. Landay was exceptional in his treatment of my case. My surgery was much longer than usual and he took the extra steps to make sure he was prepared. He also picked the most experienced nurses to work with him. Thank you so much for fully restoring my eyesight.


Dr Landay is very good at what he does. Both of my cataract surgeries went very well. The care & kindness at the Michigan Surgery Center was excellent!


Dr. Landay is wonderful and takes EXCELLENT care of my eyes.


All staff members I had contact with were kind and knowledgeable.


All aspects of my visit were good


No nonsense, straightforward type of communicator that I appreciate. Explained everything in a caring way. Listened and answered all my questions so that I understood completely.


I have been going to Landay since 1992 and he has just been the absolute best!


Very comfortable with Dr. Landay's communications.


I am pretty sure I have been seeing Dr Landay for more than 10 years and I have confidence in his skills and recommendations.


I've been going to these doctors for over 18 years. They're all great


Dr. Landay is a very quiet person, but his comments, diagnosis and suggestions for eye care are very good.


Dr. Landay is a wonderful doctor and is very kind and friendly! He contacted me on the operation day to see how I was doing after my surgery. I would recommend him to others anytime.




Dr.Landay has my confidence in him, but one thing he does I don't like. He examines my eyes and explains things to his assistant but not to me. Then on the report I was given it said we discussed some things we did not discuss. I just think he could communicate a little better and I could ask for more at the time.


Great experience! Got in quickly for eye issue. Both he and Janet were awesome!


Great experience! Got in quickly for eye issue. Both he and Janet were awesome!


I think he has a poor 'bedside manner' with his patients.


Great Doctor Landy


I have been a patient of this practice for a long time and have always been treated professionally in a welcoming atmosphere,


Awesome doctor, awesome work. Thanks


I have been a patient of Dr Landay since around 2000. not sure of exact date. I trust him completely for my eye care and consider myself fortunate to have him as my doctor. Everyone at L O Eye Care has always been good to me when I am there.


excellent care


Dr. Landay is awesome !!!!


Dr. Landay is awesome !!!!


Sometimes, I feel as if I have to "peel" out the information as he often waits and smiles a lot.


All of the staff at L.O.Eye Care I've had contract with has always been friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Landay is a wonderful physician and surgeon and I'm very happy to be a patient of his.


Very personable.


Dr Landay is personable and very gifted in patient care and family relationships as well. I am very pleased that Dr. Landay is my Ophthalmologist as well as the eye doctor for my whole family!!


Dr Landay is very thorough and professional with exams and informative of eye problems/conditions. I have great confidence in his surgical skills, as well.


I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Dr. Landay in the evening after surgery.


I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Dr. Landay the evening of surgery to determine the status of my recovery.


Dr. Landay is a fine doctor. I believe what he has to say and what should be done.


Very informative and helpful. Would definitely recommend t others.


Dr. Landay and all staff at L.O. Eye Care keep the stress levels low! Thank you!


Dr Landay is like a wine that on the first taste you question whether you like it, or even why you paid for it ! But, the more you drink the more you apprreciate it, and then some time/how you actually begin to really appreciate it.


Dr Landay is excellent in his patient relationships. He is to be commended.


Provided alternative and confidence for my care


It would have been helpful to me if Dr. Landay had mentioned there might be an extra charge for a different lens or given me the option to think about it.


I am very satisfied with the quality eye care I am receiving from Dr Landay.


Never had a problem.


This doctor is great when you finally get to see him.


Dr. Landay has been my eye doctor for over twenty years. He has performed cataract surgery on both eyes over this time period and I have had no problems of any kind. He is a very fine doctor with an excellent professional manner.


Everyone needs to see Dr Landay. He is the very best!!!


Dr Landay is an incredibly gifted and compassionate Professional.


Dr. Landay has a wonderful Smile and a Firm Handshake. He gave me the impression that he was glad I was his patient. Very Professional and thorough. I highly recommend Dr. Landay. You will know you have been seen by the "Very Best".


Dr. Landay is very competent. He is thorough. And he listens well. A kind person.


I have my husband come with me in case there something unkind said like in the pass so at this time . I haven't anything to report


Fantastic doctor. Dr Landay and his staff are the very best!!!


Very pleased with Dr. Landay and his professional skills.


Compassionate, confident, and trustworthy!


Dr. Landay is professional, friendly and informative. Very satisfied.


Dr Landay has been both my and my wife's Dr for years and we will never go elsewhere. He is a friendly, informative professional and compassionate provider and friend.


I feel so much better after seeing Dr Landay.


Fantastic doctor and office. These are some of the best on the Earth. I highly recommend L O Eye Care and Dr Landay


Dr Landay went well beyond that which a patient could possibly expect. I received 3 calls from him over a matter many Doctors would have addressed at the patients next office call. His attention was very much appreciated. He was professional and clearly confident and capable.


I have referred many people to Dr. Landay. He is the best doctor and I trust him completely. He has gifted hands.


Very nice & personable.


Dr. Landay is a superb listener and communicates his concerns, advise and guidance to his patients without adding additional unneeded details. I trust Dr. Landay with my ophthalmic needs as well as those of my children and immediate family. I plan on returning to work with Dr. Landay as long as he is part of LO Eye Care Thank you for the excellent care and outstanding work ethic offered by Dr. Landay and his staff.


I am so thankful and grateful that Dr Landay could see me within and hour or so of my doctor's call.


Dr. Landay is kind and caring. I feel completely satisfied with his care.


I would have to say I believe him to be of the best in his field.


Dr. Landry is wonderful. Very professional, and I trust him totally with my vision care!


Dr. Landay has been my doctor/surgeon for many years and I am very happy with the care he has provided. He is an excellent doctor/surgeon.


I had a eye exam for cataracts and everything was fine and I had conversation with him and he seem very interested and his assistant seem friendly.


This has been my doctor for years and I have confidence in his skills.


Dr S Landay is always informative, attentive and takes time to answer all my questions.


Very satisfied with the care provided by Dr Landay.


I was very pleased with my experience and Doctor Landay was a pleasure to meet


very pleased with the appointment


Dr. Landay was rude to me and made me cry, he was not understanding of how sensitive my eyes are to light and how painful it is to me. I will not be going back to him.


Dr. LANDAY has been excellent in everything Would recommend him to all.


My husband told me that I should never give the highest rating---but I feel Dr. Landay should have excellent rating on every thing.


Dr Landay seemed a bit put off by my visit. He made me feel like I was wasting his time. He seemed to find it ridiculous that I was hospitalized and made me feel that I was just wasting real patient's time by having him look at my left eye, to be sure there was no tearing, or detachment of anything.


Dr. Landay was very thorough with my exam and very thorough in explaining the situation to me.


Confident, soft spoken& clear


was courteous but my SUBJECTIVE impression was that this was according to the program rather than genuinely heartfelt


He was professional and explained things well


Dr Landay has taken care of me for several years and I can not say anything but positive things about him as a Doctor or as a person.


Doctor has been very good at everything.


I have great confidence in Dr. Landay. He has earned it!


Dr. Landay did a thorough eye exam and answered all of my questions. He gave me recommendations for my eye care.


A patient's mother expressed an unsatisfactory experience with Dr. Landay during her son's appointment. Due to HIPPA concerns, exact comments have been removed. The situation is being addressed at the Executive level.


Very friendly


Dr. Landay is always friendly and a great listener.


I feel like this doctor was interested in correcting my vision problem and was actually going to do something about it. I have a followup appointment at the end of the month.


Very effective


The doctor was excellent in everything!


Dr. Landy is a nice man & was very thorough with my exam & explained my evaluation in depth


very professional.


My father is the patient. He has dementia. Dr. Landy obviously doesn't prepare for his clinic in advance. He seemed quite annoyed that my father is unable to communicate very well.


Very business-like, that I view as professional; have already recommended him to my wife for surgery.


Dr. Landay was very attentive to making sure that I understood every step of the procedure and the processes before and after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Landay to any of my friends or family considering Lasik surgery.


I love how much time Dr. Landay spends with me, explaining everything very thoroughly! He is awesome!


Four things that impressed me most about my last visit}: a) His thorough review of my eye situation, b) The clarity of his explaining the matters to me, c) The recommendations going forward, d) The plan for a near-term follow-up check up.


Out standing Care!!!!


Dr. Landy has taken care of my eyes for a number of years and I trust him completely. He cares about people and I couldn't ask for a better Dr to take care of me and I have been coming to Lansing Ophthalmology since 1968.


Always very professional


I appreciate that Dr. Landay was prompt, courteous, and not pandering or over-friendly. He got right down to business when he came into the office. He was quite gentle in his approach, but very thorough. He diagnosed my problem quickly and prescribed medication which has cleared up my problem, this after I saw two other doctors who did not resolve my eye problem.


Dr Landay is honest and frank in his advice and recommendations.


Extremely thorough! Dr Landay does not use a vocabulary over my comprehension, I appreciate that very much.


I liked him a lot.


Dr Landay and his staff are friendly professional knowledgeable and very thorough. I actually look forward to our visit each year. I wish them all well!!!


Very pleased and will see Doctor again for future eye needs.


I will continue to use Dr. Landay - am satisfied with his service


Dr. Landay makes me feel 100% comfortable with the care that he gives me! I feel blessed to have him looking after my eyes. Thank you!


Dr. Landay's soft-spoken, confident manner put me at ease and made me feel 100% comfortable putting my vision in his hands.


He is a very competent Doctor. I wish I would have asked more questions about when he would recommend cataract surgery and the different options. But he is great.


Great Doctor. Great place. Excellent service.


As large as the practice is, I felt that I was a valued person not merely a patient.


I like Dr. Landay. I wish he was a little more laid-back, but he is a great doctor...listens well and is soft spoken (I appreciate that!).


He understood my health issue and eased my concern about it