Trevor A. Smith, M.D.

Trevor A. Smith, M.D.

General Ophthalmology, Cataract Surgery
Board Certified
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Battle Creek

Dr. Smith received his undergraduate degree from Hope College in Holland. He earned his medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, and completed his residency at Beaumont Health, Royal Oak.
His professional passion is performing custom cataract surgery for patients who can benefit from this life-changing procedure. In his spare time, Dr. Smith enjoys reading, traveling, and volunteering for medical mission trips.

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Dr. Smith telephoned me after hours to follow up on what i needed to do regarding care for my eyes. I appreciated the call.


My first visit to Dr. Smith went just fine.


He was very friendly which was nice to see as the old crew that left wasn’t. I have going here for 30 years. He saw me in a couple hours as I injured my eye. He quickly did something to stop the pain in my eye Very professional yet still had a good personality and humor which I appreciate. Yes I have already recommended him to two others


This was my first visit with Dr. Smith. I liked his sense of humor and his friendliness.


It felt like Doctor Smith hurried in & hurried out. He asked how I was doing. I told him my eyes still hurt. He said, “I can tell you why they hurt, they are dry.” I asked why didn’t Dr. Wilhelm tell me that instead of sending me for bloodwork & telling me it was probably due to migraines? He told me he couldn’t say why Dr. Wilhelm told me what he told me. Then Dr. Smith never told me what to do for the dry eyes. The guy in the room taking notes told me at the end of my appointment to use warm compress’ twice a day & gave me some free samples of eye drops. Dr. Smith told me that my eye pressure was good. He never told me about the results of all the other eye tests I had done, including the eye exam for prescription glasses. Which was the worse eye exam I have ever had! Dr. Wilhelm was more interested talking about doing cataract surgery on me. This is the first time I even met Dr. Smith! All the previous doctors said yes, I had cataracts, but I didn’t necessarily need surgery yet. Dr. Smith explained about cataract surgery & answered a couple of my questions and that was it. He made an assumption I had settled on surgery so I said well I have to think about it. He turned the guy taking notes & said something to him & turned & said goodbye. I was at L.O. Eye Care a total of three hours!