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Treatment of Medical Conditions

Information about medical conditions and related services available from Lansing Ophthalmology’s specialists.

Enhance Your Life

The products and services offered by Lansing Ophthalmology to enhance your vision and appearance.

Routine Eye Health

Complete eye exams for the whole family, as well as an extensive selection of eye wear.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

If this is your first visit to Lansing Ophthalmology, you may have questions regarding what will happen during your appointment.

First Visit Preparation
Patient Forms
  • Greeters at Lansing ophthalmology

    Welcome to Lansing Ophthalmology, a Patient Coordinator will be right with you.

  • Check in at Lansing ophthalmology

    A Patient Coordinator will check you in for your appointment by verifying your personal information and insurance. After check in is complete, you will be directed to the lobby, or at the Coolidge Rd. office, you will be directed to the podium desk.

  • Retinal services at Lansing ophthalmology

    At the Coolidge Rd. office, the Podium Coordinator will direct you to the appropriate area to begin your testing.

  • Health history and vision test

    An Ophthalmic Assistant will begin your appointment by gathering your health history and testing your vision.

  • Refraction test at Lansing ophthalmology

    A refraction test provides the doctor with information about your prescription.

  • Glaucoma treatment at Lansing ophthalmology

    A pressure check will then be performed. If needed, dilation drops will be administered.

  • Eye technician at Lansing ophthalmology

    After your initial testing with the technician, you will meet with the doctor.

  • Eye exams at Lansing ophthalmology

    The doctor will check the health of your eyes and discuss a treatment plan.

  • Specialists at Lansing ophthalmology

    If you are in need of glasses or contacts, our Opticians are available at every location to assist you.

  • Patient coordinator at Lansing ophthalmology

    When your visit is complete, a Patient Coordinator will schedule follow up appointments and collect payment.

A medical professional in front of routine eye exam equipment

Lansing Ophthalmology appreciates the opportunity to assist you in providing quality care to your patients.

Medical eye doctor works with a patient

Helpful forms and documents for patients of Lansing Ophthalmology.

Our main eye care office in East Lansing, Michigan

With ten offices throughout Mid-Michigan, great eye care is just around the corner.

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