5 Tips for Healthy Eye Safety Habits in your Home

According to Prevent Blindness, 90 percent of eye injuries can be prevented by wearing protective eyewear and taking simple precautions. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your risks of eye injuries at home are reduced:

1. Wear goggles or safety glasses while doing yard work, using power tools and playing sports. Make sure they are snug and have a wrap-style frame to ensure debris and chemicals don’t get behind the lenses. Regular eye glasses do not always provide enough protection.
2. Make sure your home and work area have adequate lighting, handrails and slip mats. 
3. Do not mix chemicals without proper instruction and wear gloves when handling to prevent from getting on your hands and rubbing into your eyes.
4. Keep children away from harmful household products and sharp tools.
5. Always wash your hands after doing any kind of activity.

Eye injuries can occur at any time and can have a lifelong impact on your vision. By using these tips, you can help prevent potential eye injuries and increase your safety in your home. It is not advisable to attempt ocular foreign body removal at home, as this could cause more harm/damage to the eye. If you or a family member experiences an eye injury, seek immediate medical attention and contact us.