Can hot weather affect contact lenses?

t’s a myth that contact lenses will melt in your eyes in the summertime heat or if you’re standing over a barbecue grill, however, since we tend to spend more time outdoors in warmer months, it’s vital to make sure you’re not exposing your eyes to harmful UV rays. Therefore, you might consider wearing contact lenses with UV protection or be sure to wear polarized sunglasses when you’re outside, regardless of whether the thermometer shows 90 degrees or 9 degrees.

Don’t make waves

If you dive into the pool, remove your contacts before making contact with the water. Wearing your contacts while swimming can cause eye irritation and infection. This advice also applies to splashing around in the ocean, taking a shower, or soaking in a hot tub. If you insist on keeping your contacts in while you’re swimming, slip on a pair of goggles before hitting the water.

Stop the flow of sweat

In hot weather, especially when the heat is coupled with humidity, it takes no time at all to work up a sweat even when you’re not exercising. To avoid the sting of sweat in your eyes, consider wearing an absorbent headband or frequently wiping your brow with a towel.

Care for your contacts

To promote eye health no matter the weather, properly clean and store your contact lenses. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for changing your contacts or inquire about a prescription for daily disposable contact lenses  (if you’re not already using them). A fresh, clean pair of daily contacts can reduce the likelihood of eye irritation or infection.

Rest your eyes

To minimize weather-related problems, take a break from contacts — a few hours before bedtime, for example — and wear your glasses instead. Also, be sure to get enough sleep; this can ease eye dryness and fatigue. Most importantly, don’t wear your contacts while you’re sleeping, since this can increase the risk of developing an eye infection.