Dr. Liu obtained his undergraduate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. He earned his medical degree from the University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth and completed his ophthalmology residency at Michigan State University/Detroit Osteopathic Ophthalmology Consortium, Oakland General Hospital, Detroit.

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Dr. Liu is very thoughtful and thorough. His patient care skills are excellent.

Dr. Liu is polite and friendly, but has severe problems with communication and listening. These are not minor problems; they are severe. He is unaware of what he has prescribed for patients previously; shows unawareness of the dosage of the medications he has prescribed; and communicates instructions for medications so unclearly that this patient heard 4 different instructions given in one appointment. Upon trying to clarify, the doctor did not admit to giving diverse versions of the instructions, pretended as if nothing had gone wrong, and proceeded to give a version of the instructions as if it were what he has said all along. He also adopted my narration of the scientific reason for the dosage, pretending as if it were his reasoning all along (which it was not because he was completely inconsistent in his explanation). He also speaks to me as if I were a child…or a very confused senior citizen, as if I were so confused I couldn’t possibly remember/understand what he told me. However, it is he who was both confused and wrong. Ask the note-taker who was present, as she heard the same inconsistencies. I wish I had not taken 1.5 hours off work for this appointment. I’m not returning to this doctor.

Dr. Liu’s professionalism, dedication and expertise have given me the confidence to trust him with my eyes. He personally calls the evening of his surgeries to check on his patients and has made clear that he is always available for concerns. I am totally satisfied with my results and would highly recommend Dr. Liu.

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