Do’s & Don’ts for the Solar Eclipse

Eye Safety During the Solar Eclipse on April 8th,2024

The L.O. Eye Care team is eagerly anticipating the upcoming solar eclipse and looks forward to assisting our patients in safely observing this rare celestial event. However, it's essential to approach it with caution to prevent any potential eye injuries.  

During a solar eclipse, the moon completely blocks the brightness of the sun. Although this creates a captivating sight, it's crucial to use proper eyewear to protect your eyes. Follow these tips on how to keep your eyes safe during the April 8th Solar Eclipse. 

 Wear Eclipse Glasses 

“Solar Eclipse Glasses” are far from your normal sunglasses. They are thousands of times darker and must comply with ISO International Standard. Do not use eclipse glasses if they are ripped, damaged, or scratched in any way.  

Do not look at the Sun through a Camera Lens 

This goes for any other device that you look through normally... telescope, binoculars, etc.  

Don’t have Eclipse Glasses? Try Indirect Viewing Methods 

Indirect viewing methods are a way you can view the Eclipse without using eclipse glasses. 

  • The Sun Funnel: A specific filter that fits over a telescope's aperture, or front opening.  
  • Pinhole Projection: When the sun is behind you, let the sunlight pass through a small opening and project a solar image onto a nearby surface. Ex, hole punched index card, pasta colander, etc. 
  • Optical Projection: Use a telescope to project images of the partially eclipsed sun onto a surface for viewing.  

Some friendly tips on savoring the moment from Dr. Johnson, O.D. 

**Use a solar filter for your camera lens** 

Your camera needs protection too! Slap on a solar filter before pointing it at the sun. You’ll snag great shots without harming your camera’s lens.  

**Tripod Time!**  

Keep it steady with a tripod. Trust me, it’s a lifesaver for those long exposures. 

**Practice Patience** 

Good shots take time. Be patient and keep an eye on the changing light conditions. The best shot might be just a moment away!  

**Enjoy the moment** 

Hey, you’re capturing a cosmic event! Savor it, even as you’re behind the lens