Woman with foggy glasses from wearing mask

Are your glasses fogging from your mask?

If you wear glasses then you know all too well about your glasses fogging up while wearing a mask. When warm, moist air hits the cool lenses of your glasses, condensation can form. When wearing a mask, your breath can escape from the top of your mask hitting your glasses and fogging them up.

Here are some ways you can help prevent your glasses from fogging up:

Use soap and water

By using a mild anti-bacterial or dishwashing liquid soap and lathering your glasses for 20 seconds, not only does this helps clean your glasses but can prevent fogging. Let your lenses air dry or use a clean soft microfiber cloth to wipe them.

Wear a mask that fits properly

Look for face masks that have a built-in wire that can be adjusted to fit snug against your nose. Make sure your mask isn’t too large for your face as that may let air escape even if there is a nose piece. You can also try tucking your mask under your frames.

Try contact lenses

Contact lenses may be a good alternative depending on your needs. Talk to you eye doctor if this is something you may be interested in pursuing.

Use Anti-fog spray

Anti-fog spray can be sprayed on to your lenses to coat and prevent fogging that occurs. Visit one of our optical departments to discuss your options with an optician.

Vision Correction with LASIK

If you have thought about a more long-term solution, you may find laser vision correction, or LASIK, be an option for you. LASIK may decrease your dependence on glasses and contacts, or in some cases, allow you to do without them entirely. For more information on LASIK services at L.O. Eye Care, visit loeye.com/LASIK