January ’24 Newsletter

Happy New You! 

A new year is a chance for a fresh start, and a great pair of glasses is the perfect way to update your personal style — and your lifestyle! Can you play pickleball with progressive lenses? Could you pull off those patterned frames that match your energy? L.O. Eye Care is the perfect place to get your questions answered and find all the name brands that fit just right.

Treating Glaucoma

January is National Eye Care and Glaucoma Awareness Month. As the second leading cause of blindness (after cataracts) it is so important to understand glaucoma and the treatment options available. With early detection, it is much less likely that glaucoma will cause permanent vision loss. Learn more »

Is EVO ICL Right for Me? 

The new year is in sight and now is the perfect time to learn more about EVO ICL, an evolution in visual freedom, that is designed for young adults aged 21-45. This immediate improvement in vision is quick and permanent — but the EVO Collamer lenses are removable, if necessary. Learn more »

Sunglasses in Winter

Looking good all year isn’t just a fad, it’s part of comprehensive healthcare! Make sure to shade your precious peepers even when you’re out walking in the snow. For winter sports, choose goggles that include full spectrum UV protection. Learn more >>