Let’s Build Your Lenses!

Discovering the perfect lenses for your eyewear is a complex journey. Frames styles come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Our experienced opticians will help you select the best option for your lifestyle and prescription needs.

  • Anti-reflective or no-glare lenses provide optimal vision for night driving and computer use by reducing glare. Newer anti-reflective options offer superior scratch and smudge protection in addition to UV protection.
  • What material your lens is made of determines how durable, thin, and light weight your final pair of glasses will be. A polycarbonate material offers a very durable, scratch-resistant and thin lens. For those with strong prescriptions, a hi-index material will provide and even thinner and attractive option.
  • Progressive lenses allow the wearer to see distance, computer, reading, and everything in between without bothersome lines in the lenses. Newer technology progressives offer a wider field of vision and less edge distortion.
  • Photochromic or light reactive lenses conveniently adapt to changing light conditions while outdoors providing extra comfort and UV protection.
  • Office lenses are an ideal option for progressive wearers who work on a computer for the majority of the day and are looking for more intermediate and reading room. Just as you wouldn’t wear your soccer cleats into the office, sometimes you need more than 1 pair of glasses.
  • Polarized lenses provide the most complete UV protection and best solution for driving on a sunny day, fishing at the lake, or building a snowman! Polarization eliminates the blinding reflective glare allowing the sharpest vision and clarity to see what is around you. With different polarized color options available, the white golf ball can really pop on the lush green background of the golf course. Polarized lenses are available with or without a prescription, making them a must have option for everyone.