A charity providing eye care & eye wear to disadvantaged children in the Mid-Michigan area. Mikey's Fund is named after Michaela Hagemann (nicknamed “Mikey”). Mikey, born with Down’s Syndrome, in her early forties and far surpassing her anticipated life expectancy, developed cataracts. Doctors were reluctant to perform surgery due to anticipated limited benefits.

Mikey HagemannHowever, when the Hagemanns brought Mikey to L.O. Eye Care, Dr. Moore told them that enjoying a high quality of life far outweighed any reason not to undergo surgery. Dr. Moore performed the surgery on Mikey and the results helped her enjoy her time through her last days. Mikey passed away in January of 2003.

Mikey’s parents (James and Pauline) called L.O. Eye Care and, in an expression of gratitude, decided to “give something back” by making a financial gift to provide eye care for those who could not otherwise afford it. Mikey’s Fund has provided services and eyewear to those in need totaling in excess of $15,000. Mikey’s Fund also now offers services to disadvantaged school children throughout Mid-Michigan.

Golfer at Mikeys Fund Outing

For more information or to recommend someone for Mikey's Fund Assistance please call Lindsey Ulrich at 517.337.1293.

Each June a golf outing is held to benefit Mikey's Fund at the Duck Lake Country Club.  For more information on the annual golf outing send an email to lulrich@loeye.com.

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