Allergy season sign

Seasonal Allergies and Your Eyes

Spring time can bring warmer weather and budding flowers, but it can also bring airborne allergens. If you are experiencing redness, itchiness or discharge in your eyes, you may be prone to the effects of seasonal eye allergies.

Eye allergies can arise when your immune system overreacts to changes in the environment. Introduction to new pollen, grass, flowers and tree buds in the air can send these reactions into overdrive and lead to discomfort. People who wear contact lenses may experience even more symptoms, because they can attract and accumulate these airborne allergens on their contact lenses.

Tips to help reduce allergy symptoms
Don’t rub your eyes if they itch. This can make your allergy symptoms worst by releasing more histamine and increasing inflammation.
• Wear eye protection such as sunglasses when outdoors.
• Thoroughly clean your contact lenses or switch to daily disposable lenses. You may also consider wearing glasses instead of contact lenses when allergies are high.
• Wash your hands thoroughly and consistently.

You can also get an early start by visiting your eye doctor and learn more about how to reduce your symptoms.