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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses

The right lens, the right fit

The optometrists of L.O. Eye Care are skilled in the fitting of contact lenses. Even if you have never before been able to wear contacts, we may be able to fit you successfully. Our fitting process ensures that you have the right contact lens type and power before your supply is ordered.

L.O. Eye Care’s optical department carries a full line of contact lenses, including all major brands, at competitive pricing. Our opticians and contact lens professionals are skilled at training new contact lens users and assisting seasoned users with new options. 

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Each L.O. Eye Care office has a contact lens department. In most cases, contact lenses ordered through the department are available the next day. For your convenience, you may also purchase contact lenses through our online store.


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What are contact lenses?
Contacts: Overview
What are contact lens fitting fees?
The term "contact lens fitting" means the process that begins after the initial eye examination and ends when a successful fit has been achieved – or, in the case of a renewal prescription, when the prescriber determines that no change in prescription is required. – Reprinted from Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act The contact lens fitting fee includes services related to testing, lens fitting and necessary follow-up visits as determined by the doctor. At the end of your fitting period, you will receive a prescription for your contact lenses. Once you have received your written prescription, follow-up care will be done on a fee-per-visit basis.
What is the difference between gas permeable (hard contacts) and soft contacts?
Hard contacts are rigid but more breathable than soft contact lenses. They provide a clear, crisp view and can be used to address most vision problems. Soft contacts conform to the shape of your eye and stay in place well. They are comfortable and come in several types such as daily wear, extended wear and disposable.
Can people with astigmatism wear contact lenses?
In astigmatism, a point (or spot) of light is focused at two different planes, causing blurred vision. It is possible for someone with astigmatism to wear a type of contact lens that corrects the problem. These are called toric lenses. Minor degrees of astigmatism can be corrected with soft contact lenses; higher degrees are treated with hard contacts.
What is the best way to care for contact lenses?
It is very important to make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling contact lenses. When cleaning your lenses, make sure to use sterile products specifically designed for this purpose. It is very important that you remove your contacts before you go to sleep. Even if you have extended wear contacts, removing them occasionally is important to maintain healthy eyes. Lastly, make sure to replace your contacts as required. Learn more ways to safely wear your contacts.
How do I insert contacts?
Although it may be intimidating at first, the process of inserting contacts is simple. L.O. Eye Care’s staff will train you on the process during your appointment. In the meantime, please watch this video for further information. Contacts: Application (RGP)