Boy smiling with glasses

Top Tips for Children’s Eye Health this School Year

Healthy eyesight is important in and out of the classroom so kids can grow up to be their best. Start the school year right with these tips to keep your child’s eyes healthy:

Monitor Screen Time

Excessive screen time is unhealthy for children’s eyes, negatively affecting their vision and eye health. Staring at a digital device for too long or too closely can result in blurry vision, headaches, eye strain, and dry eyes. Limit your child’s screen time, especially at night, and encourage them to take regular breaks to keep their eyes safe.

Protect Their Eyes

Even in the fall season, UV rays can be bright and damaging to children’s developing eyes. Whether it’s after-school activities or playtime outside, make sure your child is wearing a pair of 100% UV-blocking sunglasses!

Sharp objects and toys can also present risks to children. Teach them to always carry pointed objects sharp-side down, and to never spray things in the direction of their eyes or others’. Use eye protection when engaging in high-impact sports and hobbies.

Help them Love Their Eyewear

While some children love their new pair of glasses right away, others may be self-conscious about being teased or don’t like the way they feel. Reliable wear and proper care of glasses can also be a challenge, but are crucial to their developing eyesight and eye health. You can help them by letting your child pick their own pair so they feel confident in their new frames, show them how to properly clean and store their glasses, setting clear expectations of routine and consistency, and showing them glasses-wearing role models so they feel comfortable and proud to wear their pair!

Be Aware of Their Vision

Always get any changes in your child’s vision checked out, including sight that is blurry, double, or spotted. Kids don’t always complain about vision problems if they don’t know their vision is not normal, so be on the lookout for excessive rubbing, an unusual head tilt, or closer than usual viewing distances.

The best way to make sure your child’s eyes are developing properly is through regular visits to the doctor. School eye screenings are not official eye exams and can miss health problems and focusing issues that your L.O. Eye Care doctor will check for. Schedule their back to school eye appointment today!