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Cataract Seminar
Please note, this seminar is now full.  However, we will take submissions for the wait list.  The seminar is also being filmed and a video of the presentation will be made available. Meet Lansing Ophthalmology's cataract experts at the free education seminar.

Wednesday, May 18th from 6 pm - 7:30 pm at the Kellogg Center at MSU. 

Dr. Joseph Wilhelm Explains the ZIKA Virus and its Possible Effect on the Eye   ZIKA virus is a single stranded RNA virus that is transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito and mosquitoes of the culicidae family.  
macula photo
February is AMD awareness month and Retina specialist, Dr. Ahmed El-Sanhouri, explains the importance of understanding the disease
Dr. Rana and her tech
Glaucoma specialist, Dr. Sonia Rana, explains what glaucoma is and who might be at risk. Glaucoma is a group of diseases that damages the eye’s optic nerve and can result in vision loss and blindness. With early detection and treatment, you can often protect against serious vision loss.