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Disposable contact lense packaging
There’s no better time to stock up on your contact lenses then now!

During March and April, purchase a six-month supply of contact lenses and receive $25 off, or a 12-month supply for $50 off. This offer can be redeemed with or without vision insurance.

Stop into any of our L.O. Eye Care optical departments to see our full line of contact lenses, including all major brands. Our opticians and contact lens professionals are skilled at training new contact lens users and assisting seasoned users with new options.

Smart Contact

Smart contact lenses may be breaking out of the world of science fiction.

But instead of acting as wearable computer screens, these contacts may provide meaningful insight and innovative treatment options for major diseases. Research is underway to develop smart contact lenses specifically tailored for two conditions: glaucoma and diabetes.

Contact lenses are a great alternative to traditional eye glasses. But they are still considered medical devices, and misusing them can lead to dryness, discomfort or infection. Here are five ways you can keep your eyes comfortable and healthy while using contact lenses.

Keep your hands and your case clean

Visolux Electronic Magnifier

It may sound simple, but low vision has a variety of causes and life-changing impacts.

Low vision means that even with prescription eyeglasses, it is difficult to read, recognize others, or perform daily tasks.

Doctor Punam

At L.O. Eye Care, we offer everything from contact lenses to cataract surgery. But how do our different services determine what your experience with us will look like?

First, we need to establish the difference between a vision-only visit and a medical visit.